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Kyreezy🕉  RIP 〽️FUND$ FREE KILL BILL‼️‼️HGM #fundz mafia Tap da Link😈🚨


I don’t really b postin about this like that
I make sure when I get up everyday that I thank God 4 the blessings he has blessed me with from being in a coma for almost a month an half my skull having to get taken out for 8brain surgeries to relieve pressure from my brain, learning to walk an talk all over again for the doctors tellin my mom an bro that I would not make it to live an to say there goodbyes a year later I’m still here plate in my head an all my mom ain’t pullin no Plugs !!#heavymetalgang #betigetbackonthebike #mikeysworld #miraclebaby

Da Struggl is Real But Ima Survivor 〽️FUND$

My Nephews First Resurrection Day ✝️✝️🐰🐰

Bluestrips Video
Tap tf in wit da Gangland ‼️‼️
Rip M-Fund$ @flyyassmikey
Free ShottaRu @shottaru_
@drewshotya goin brazy 🎥📽🎥📽
we made a blap I’m da only 1 left so I had to make dis Kount 4 y’all ‼️‼️ #fundzmafia #membersonly


2🎱⭕️⭕️ 〽️embers Only‼️
All my big bros sum Real P’s 🎱Block u hear me doh 😈

We just some young niggas bouta bag💰💰pulled up n lashed, risked it all now look where we stand, tuckin Rollies kouple bands, it was all da plan ‼️‼️ It’s Mikey’s 🌍
I’m jus livin I’m it #fundzmafia

BLUESTRIPZ 💰💰💰💰 RIP 〽️Fundz‼️ FREE ShottaRU‼️

Blitz Off Da Dope w my nikka @mozzytwinn 💨💨😈

Kodeine on Rocks 🎱

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