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Nemi  Snapchat: mei-ku 。🐶 。 Phoenix, AZ 。🌵。 Don't be deceived, the camera seems to like my face... Sometimes.

Another South American gem... Guavas 💕

Traveled 35 hours for this little gem~

Bolivia 💕💕

My sister’s best friend got married this Saturday in Mexico and this has officially marked the beginning of my international adventure 💕
Bolivia and Peru, here I come :)

Life is alright, how about you?

Make up really is like magic

My beautiful babies

Because who cares

I just reached a thousand miles on my car you guys 😥

I had forgotten how sad life can really be.

Been a while since I wore make up....💁🏻

I have had bad days but it’s been a long time since I’ve had bad weeks, or bad months. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the urge to wrap myself in blankets to forget the world for at least one day. To be away from the daily routine of School, work, work, homework, work, work, and fucking work. Just to have enough money to accomplish what I am beginning to lose track off because it’s been a while since life decided to play tricks on my confidence and motivation. I forgot how hard it was to deal with all the rushing feelings of no self control and i just become more and more afraid of turning back on the tracks I worked so hard to build. But lately I simply keep finding myself one step closer to the starting point and I can’t figure out a way to pick myself up. It is so hard and draining to continuously fight to keep yourself up every day and I don’t know how much strength I have left. Man, I am so fucking tired... and I don’t even have the time or space to deal with these overwhelming feelings. Fuck.

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