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Kyoko Kimi  Lowkey Singer. Highkey Songwriter. Just trying something.

Documenting #life to be #relatable. πŸ‘ŒβœŒ
So i been in and out of this abusive gaslighting-manipulative toxic relationship with a close friend for three years. I met him when i was the most broken and vulnerable. I was fifteen. Hated life. Hated family. Had severe #anxiety. No friends. I would leave highschool and sit in a dark room and do nothing but lay on the couch hours. Didn't drink, i didn't eat. Not that i had much food at home anyway.
Point being. I was looking for anything and anyone who claimed they were a solution. He said he was. " I have a car i'll take you anywhere you want to go. I help my friends. I'll be your therapist. You can always talk to me. Call anytime" blah blah. Literally the most fairytale highschool teen movie type shit. Never followed through.
The moral is... Crank the Volume ON ACTIONS. Mute the words. They meaningless. I've been #writing about it a lot. It's about time i get it out my #mind. So. Yea. Music. Coming soon. I #hate and love how me and him have such a long story. There's so much to reveal.

remixed on Drake's Gods Plan... What you guys think? #nextlevelshit

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