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:): The Okazaki's  🌙 The Child With Two Sides ☀️ Status: ♡ Kin Shinozuki ♡ "Even if he's in a bad/good mood, I'll still love him"

I think imma delete this account...I'm ALWAYS busy and then school soon it's just...idk anymore...

He bites sexually at his tie

Kyo lifts his pen, thinking of lyrics to write

I stole a kiss oops x3 ❤

♡ He gives the sweetest taste ♡

Kyo went on about his day until he looked over at his love to find him sleeping, he curled him up in his arm and moved his face closer to his as he wrapped one arm around him to keep his love conformable in peace 💕

"The only person that truly knows and understands me is Shinozuki-kun..."

"B-babe..." He blushes as he stares into your eyes

He chuckles as he's hugged by his love

Kin: Kyo! Staaaay uuuuup ;-;
Kyo: B-but...
Kin: I don't care, don't leave me awake by myself ;^;
Kyo: *mumbles half asleep* Then...snuggle with me..

He lays down playing on his phone until he falls asleep

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