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Kym van Zanten 

If I were only able to get to this on #18point4 #crossfitopen2018masters #heavydeadliftsarehard

This counts as a family photo, right? When you have the choice of beach or pool, which one are you? We are definitely 🏖 🌊 🏝!

My beauties 💕

🎶Spent an evening in Memphis 🎶

Seriously though, who else has CrossFit wine glasses? 😍🍷💪🏻

Pulled out a classic for college day at school. #foreverawarrior

Cold and wet with epic mud for more than 31 miles on trails, yet he still finished 13th overall! #psychowyco2018 #idratherdo18point1twice

Good thing I tried...10 more reps. Thanks, @npetey

Happy 80th birthday to Oma! So good to see family!

So I did another crossfit competition this weekend, and while I can’t deny it’s super awesome to be on top of the podium as an individual, for me this competition boiled down to these two pictures. Hans hadn’t competed in a CF comp in a few years and although he struggled with some of the movements, he had so much fun. (And I can guarantee you that there was not another ultra marathoner competing!) The most important part was that we competed side by side and had fun doing what we love. The picture on the right was during my worst workout of the day. It is so humbling when your weaknesses get highlighted, but it is also what drives you to get back into the gym to improve. And then there is that guy kneeling next to me, @npetey. I have improved and learned so much from this guy in the last two months. He is the most dedicated and knowledgeable coach I’ve ever had who is literally right there on the competition floor with me. Thank you, Nick (and Hana) for all your support yesterday and every day. 📷 @myavz

“Cartooning for grown ups” class today with @jasonmlips. 3 minutes to draw yourself at work and 3 min to draw something you’ll do this weekend. Fun class!

WPA for this tall drink of water 😍#sheswaytallerthanme #shetakesafterherfather #sogorgeous @myavz

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