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Thank you @kylienaticsv for today πŸ’• thank you for welcoming our little prince. 5 years na tayo pero andyan parin kayo. Soonest may maliit na bata na na nakikigulo narin satin hehehe. πŸ‘‘

Thank you to this amazing woman who made all of this happen. I really don't know how to thank you enough for making magic happen for my baby's baby shower πŸ’• from theme, to the guests, to the registry at mother care and even the setting up of the place. I can't even fathom how much work you put into this night and even while taking care and being such a dedicated mother to baby Maria. Thank you again so much, even also for all the advice and all the help outside of the shower. Even Aj thanks you. πŸ’• I am blessed to have you there for me. Thank you tita @marieltpadilla 🌹

Thank you once again @arteegram_manila for these mini little prince bags. So cute πŸ‘‘ oh P.S I use the pillow you gave me. Still love it πŸ’•

Make up by yours truly

And thank you as always to my glam team,
Hair by @mark_ibarrola and @lynellehair
Styled by @iseegab

Thank you also for my custom-made gown by @sheiralyn @apartment8clothing @kcaquino
Thank you guys, I look so feminine and womanly. Hehe. I love this teal color by the way.

Thank you so much to @apricaph for this cute juice bar setup πŸ’• it was one of my favorite places in the whole room πŸ‘‘

This cake was amazing! The book came to life on this cake πŸ’• thank you @bethanydreamcakes 🌹such beautiful work you did on this cake.

These The Little Prince pillows and mason jars were so adorable 🌹 and so beautifully made. Thank you so much @insta_mug πŸ’•

Hooooo. Here we go, so many people to thank for making such a beautiful baby shower happen πŸ’• here we go 🌹

There is something magical and spiritual about carrying you. Something powerful that I cannot explain. Man am I basking in it before you come out.
Thank you @niceprintphoto πŸ‘‘

Outfit by @iseegab
Hair by @mark_ibarrola and @lynellehair for my hair extensions 🌹

This is it. Very soon it will be real, you will be in my arms. It's almost the end of my pregnancy journey and start of my official mothering journey. After everything I've heard I'm excited about the stories and lessons that will unfold in our version of things. The fear has now become just a whisper and I've been mentally preparing myself for total submission and surrender to you. I always approached work like this. Giving it all, maybe too much. Only recently did I realize that you are the most intricate and delicate work of art I could ever create. From your cells to your brain, to your heart and skin, the iris of your eyes and the sound of your voice. So you deserve more than sweat, time and lack of sleep. You deserve total submission of the soul. For someone who seeks always to see the beauty in art and poetry and wisdom in life, I now have painted the most precious being and it's only the beginning of so many other realizations to come. The strength you give me is unexplainable. My litol prince, I really can't wait to meet you. I can't wait to go mad for you. I've always been mad and now for someone worth going mad for. Family. Hehe. 🌹 we love you. P.S you sleep like your dad. I'm excited what else you have in common. I'm excited to learn all about you, can't wait to watch the seeds of your personality blossom right before my eyes. Ugh. Basta, you have me and daddy. It's all about you now, actually us 3 🌹@ajabrenica

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