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🖤 Miss Kylie Marilyn 🖤  ▪️Latex & Fetish Model▪️Fashionista, Mistress, Escort ▪️Heels & Nylon lover ▫️Twitter: @KylieMarilyn Email: kyliemarilyn@gmail.com Amazon Wishlist:


Good morning peeps. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was nice and quiet after some really busy weekends over the past month. I was cleaning up my camera roll this weekend and I think it’s time to post more of my older images too. There are some really nice ones among them. I hope you don’t mind “old” content. Thank you to Nokkena for taking this image in Berlin some years ago. I wish you all a lovely week! xoxo Kylie 🖤 | Outfit: Catsuit by Fantastic Rubber, hood by Rubber55 and harness by Demask

Good morning, I still owe you an impression of my outfit for Avantgardista two weeks ago. Here it is. I had a really nice weekend over all. It was also a bit stressful, but that’s normal when you help out. I really like the colors of that image and how the reflections are more subtle yet setting some nice highlights all over the outfit. Shiny shiny shiny. 🖤 I wish you all a lovely day. I’m going back to work for now. 💋 xoxo Kylie Marilyn

Hello friends & followers! 😘 I hope you have a nice day or morning. I’m on my way to Frankfurt today before I travel to Hamburg tomorrow for the Passion event. After months of work it’s really nice to get a chance to refocus and reevaluate what’s important. That’s what I’m doing these days and things will change. That also means I’ll go through my latex start to sell pieces I don’t wear anymore, but are to good to be forgotten or thrown away. I’m also going to start a new rigid training program with lots of yoga to get my flexibility back. It’s a really good feeling to down size life and disconnect from all the consuming. So, back to the important things. 😉 After several images with black latex, I think it’s time again for some red. I really think I should grow my red latex collection more next year, don’t you think? Have a nice day wherever you read this and take care peeps. 🖤 Your fetish will always be with you! xoxo Kylie Marilyn 💋 | outfit: catsuit by Fantastic Rubber, hood by Rubber55, gloves by Blackstyle, Flamingo 8” heels by Pleaser | photographer: Nikitzo

Good morning peeps! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and lots of love and fun. My weekend was a mixed bag of lots of fun and lots of stress, but it was worth it. I found out a lot about myself and what I want and don’t want in my life. But back to the image. You liked the ones before so here is surreal alien latex kylie. No my body was not retouched. I look that weird 😅! I hope you still like the image. 💕 A huge thank you to Photographer Nikitzo (tagged in the image) for working so often with me. He really helps to set me free in latex. 💋 xoxo Kylie | Outfit: Catsuit by Fantastic Rubber, hood by Rubber55, gloves by Blackstyle and ballet boots by Pleaser USA. 🖤

It’s Friday and I’m on my way to Munich to attend the first @avantgardista_munich this weekend. I’m excited to meet a lot of old friends and followers and hope to meet a lot of interesting new people too! Can you believe that this image is from 2014? Okay my boobs were smaller then, but other than that I have not aged one day. 😉 I hope you like the clean and pure look as much as I do. A huge thank you to Fantastic Rubber and Rubber55 for the latex and @nikitzo.photography for taking so amazing images. Please support his work if you can. Wish you all a wonderful weekend with lots of latex and kinky fun! xoxo Miss Kylie Marilyn 💋 #findomme #financialdominatrix #findom #findommegoddess #paypigswanted #payslave #humanatm #paypigswantedonly #dominatrix #payslave #paypigs #paypig #financialdomination #goddess #findommequeen #paypal

Good morning peeps. I hope the week is going smooth for all of you. I heard you call for more latex and gas masks. So here is another image of Zlatexa and me from earlier this year. I love how Nikitzo, the photographer, captures the raw beauty of latex and gear. 💕 Thank you so much for the great collaboration. 🖤 xoxo Kylie 💋 PS: I hope to see many of you at @avantgardista_munich this weekend! 🌸✨ | Outfits: Catsuits by Fantastic Rubber, hoods by Rubber55, my ballet heels by PleaserUSA, gloves by Blackstyle Berlin and gasmasks by Studio Black Fun Leipzig

You wanted more red latex, so here it is! You wanted more skinny legs and platform heels, so here they are. I hope you like them. I know I love that “basic” yet super sexy look on me. xoxo Kylie Marilyn 💕💋 photographer: @nikitzo.photography for @fetishchimera check him out! ✨

Good morning peeps. There is a lot of talk about work life balance these days. Well, I always try to balance my fetish with my “normal” life. So why not integrate latex into my office job breaks? 😉 I know 50% are impressed with the flexibility while the other 50% have dirty thoughts seeing me in this position. 😛 The point is, exercise, live a healthy, and add wear latex as much as you can. xoxo Kylie 💋

Good morning. Did I tell you how much I love my thin, shiny 2nd latex skin? It’s a great feeling and also empowering. I got a lot of messages asking if they could worship my heels and body and I say yes. I love to be spoiled like a princess and treated like a goddess. Therefore I also updated my wishlist (link above) so that if you want to show some love from a distance, now you can. xoxo Kylie Marilyn 💋

Hello from Germany! 💕 I finally got some images from my shooting with the wonderful Jade Vixen. We know each other for such a long time and finally had a chance to work together. It really felt like being in #latex and #heavyrubber heaven. I hope you like the results too. More images to come in the future. I wish you all a lovely and relaxed 2nd half of the week. xoxo Kylie 💋. | Outfit Kylie: Catsuit by @fantasticrubber, hood my Rubber55, Flamingo 809 Heels by @pleasershoes and gloves by Blackstyle | photographer @nikitzo.photography

Good morning from ☀️ Germany. Today is the last day of summer and temperatures are already lower. That helps me spending my days in #latex again and do my regular work in it. It can’t get much better than that. Can you imagine a tv series where people are in latex 24/7? 😻 I wish you all a wonderful weekend and hope to see you next week at BoFeWo near Frankfurt and in London at #rubbercult on October 7th. xoxo Kylie 💋 | Outfit: Catsuit and brand new hood design by @simonolatex, Flamingo 809 8” heels by @pleasershoes | Photographer: @nikitzo.photography

Finally! It's a new week and lots of work ahead, but I got my new #heels from @pleasershoes and I'm so happy with them. Can't wait to wear them properly in an upcoming shooting and for #RubberCult in London on October 7th and @leboutiquebazaar on the 8th! So much fun ahead, together with @chronomatic_latexwear and our model @miss_vollcore. ✨💎💕🌸 I wish you all a lovely week. 💋 xoxo Kylie

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