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Mamo 💗 today marks 3 years since you entered heavens gates to live life in paradise! It's been so hard to live without you & Papa. I miss you so much!! 😢 I miss coming to visit you & having a sleepover & staying up late drinking chocolate milk & playing board games. ❤ I wish I could talk to you & hug you & kiss you just one last time! I love you Mamo! ❤ #05/23/2014 @masonlockwood

Life Will Put Many Red Lights In Front Of You, But Sometimes We Must Push On The Gas And Trust God ❤


💙 Papa 03/24/2016 💙
I can't believe it's been a year 😢
It's been such a crazy year without you. & not a day goes by where I'm not thinking about you. I wish I could call you & tell you about all of my accomplishments but I know you're looking down on me! @masonlockwood & I love you & mamo so much! ❤ I know you're proud of us! We're doing our best! I'm trying to keep it together! 😢 it's so hard.. I came to visit you & mamo today 🙂 I left you a balloon & flowers ❤ I put some flowers with mamo too 🌹🌷 Well, continue to keep us safe! I wish you were here with me for my special day on Sunday! ❤ but watch over me 😉 & I'll have a drink for you!
Xoxo, "Kylie Girl" ❤💗❤💗

Congrats to my (not so) Little Brother! 💛💚🐥🐣🐤 He got ACCEPTED to University Of Oregon! & made the final decision to COMMIT to Oregon! This process was by far the hardest, but you stuck thru it & had what it takes to be a Duck! Love You Sooo Much! & I'm beyond proud of you & your accomplishments!! You have a bright future ahead of you!! 😎 Lucky Ducky! 🐥💚💛 Go Ducks!! @masonlockwood

Ayyy Got Lit W/ UglyGod! 😈👅💗 & My Bro Got On Stage Tonight!! 🙌🏼🤘🏼🙃 @masonlockwood

Girl, You ain't gotta worry bout another nigga knowing you a freak bout it 👅💗

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY ❤️🎂🎉 To My Not So Little Brother ❤️😘😭 I Hope You Have The Best Day Ever!! you Deserve It!! & You're Finally Legal!! Love You! ❤️ @masonlockwood

I love you, the things that cross my mind
While I'm dying myself
I hate you, these things go through my mind
While I'm dying myself
I fuck you, these things run through my mind
While I'm dying myself
I fuck you, it's always on my mind
Think I need some help

There are far better things ahead than the things that we leave behind. 2017 is going to be my year ❤️✨ I let my wish go 😊✨💥 #skylantern #montana

❄️🌨💙• M O N T A N A •💙🌨❄️ #missedthisview #nofilter

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