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Kylie Angel 💞Live To Inspire  🖤💛👊🏻Women’s Boxing Coach @steeltownboxing 💚🦁👊🏻Kids Boxing Coach @visionquestmma 🥊Pro Boxing Debut 06/16/2018 💪🏻Trainer ❤️🐶👩‍👦Mom to Landon and Penny

Dear Supporters: I need you to know that it means so much to me having you all in my corner. The Dark Angel apparel turned out great, and I love how we were all matching tonight! I will be at the boxing club in the evening all week for those who ordered a hoodie or t shirt. #darkangelboxing #darkangel #boxer #boxing #apparel #steeltown #3lionspromotions

In less than 6 weeks, I will be stepping on stage to sing at a theatre where legends have sang. It’s going to be magical (because I’m going to be preparing something that’s literally made with magic).

In less than 8 weeks I will be stepping in the ring for my pro debut fight. It’s going to be surreal. I’ve pictured it a million times, and I cannot express how much it means to me.

I love to perform, and I love to inspire. I never focus on people secretly hoping I fail. I’m always focused on achievements and goals, and making those who support me feel proud! I aspire to be a hero to my son, and a positive role model to those watching!

#inspire #excited #passion #boxing #boxer #happymonday #mondaymotivation #athlete #positivevibes

What happens to your body when you treat it right? It shows you that you’re treating it right. You’ll know it because you’ll see, and you’ll feel it. #lotsmoretogo #motivationalmoday #trainhard #eathealthy #gettingsmaller #boxer #boxing

I must’ve done something right for God to have let me be your Mom. I will spend my entire life making sure I show you how much you mean to me.

One thing I tell Landon all the time... “You are the best person in the world.” To me... he is!

Happy 10th Birthday baby boy!! You’ll always be my baby.

Chillin out, maxin, relaxin all cool.

Happy Early 10th Birthday my Sweet Wandon!

It’s moments like today when I watch you with all your friends that make crying with sadness because you’re growing up worth it! I may have cried because you’re growing, but my heart is so happy seeing how much fun you’re having along the way.

Here’s to many more sleepovers. I broke the ice tonight, and I can imagine this is going to become a thing real soon.


No tattoos, probably high on marijuana, and most likely smoked a cigarette before or after this pic was taken.

I can honestly say I have come so far as a Mother, a boxer, and as a person in general.

It’s the experiences we have, the mistakes we make, the people we meet, the places we go, the pain we feel, the suffering we overcome, and the approach we take at life that will ultimately mould who you become.

I thought I was happy back then. I was 20 years old, rebellious, tough physically, but weak mentally. I allowed toxic things and people in my life, but if there’s one thing I know, it’s that I was always trying so hard to be better.

I am 100% clean of toxics, I do not drink, or smoke anything. I have healthy relationships, a strong work ethic, and a burning desire to conquer any obstacles to get to my dream. Without the girl in this picture, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Learn from your mistakes, and always be better than you were yesterday.

For those who haven’t been to @theblendsmoothiesevolved YOU MUST GO!!!

Today is the day! They released “The Dark Angel” smoothie which was blended to be my favourite colour, and loaded with power nutritional components that will fire you up at anytime of the day.

On the bottom right is a picture of my favourite smoothie bowl there. If you are a fan of healthy treats, this bowl is incredible. It’s called “The Binbrook Bowl”

Thank you to all of those who support, and most of all to my sponsors for doing this for me. Each supporter will get a card with each purchase of my smoothie. It’s a small token of my appreciation.

#thankyou #support #sponsors #boxer #boxing #prodebut #girlswhobox #punch #power #red #fitness #healthy #teamsteeltown #binbrook #hamilton #blendsmoothiesevolved

Last week my Mom sent me a message saying “I wish you knew how truly special you are.” I said “Sometimes I do. I do and I don’t. If that makes any sense?” She said, “You have low self worth. You’re going to be 30 this year, and it’s about time you see yourself for what you are. Everybody loves you.”

I sometimes roll my eyes inside my head when people compliment me. I always have. I was just telling someone today that I’d rather give myself compliments than have other people give them to me. They are hard for me to accept without feeling awkward. Maybe it’s cause I’ve always felt like an awkward girl.

This company believed in me. Without even knowing me, and simply just talking to me, they believed in me. Was it hard to accept? Absolutely. Why? Because I’m constantly telling myself I’m not where I want to be. The vision isn’t fulfilled yet. Why do people believe in me when I’m not even at my destination yet? But I am so damn thankful that people do, because it pushes me even further.

Thank you to all of my supporters, all the people that cheer for me, and all the people that stand in my corner and mean it! Not the ones who pretend. The ones who actually are! I see you, and I am so thankful/grateful/fortunate.

The Dark Angel smoothie comes out this week. Check out @theblendsmoothiesevolved for healthy smoothies, smoothie bowls, and more.

#smoothies #blendsmoothiesevolved #darkangel #letpeopleloveyou #believeinyourself #strong #inspire #boxer #boxing #girlswhobox #athlete

Welcome to the world of boxing. It’s where your hair is a mess, sweat drips from every part of you, and your smile feels a little crooked after tough rounds...

I used to have a lot of girls I trained with back when I first started boxing. It’s hard to find clubs with a lot of female boxers, because it’s a small pool in the women’s world of boxing. When you find the ones that are able to give to the sport what it needs, you make sure you push each other, and keep the fire burning. These girls do that for me.

#blessed #steeltownboxers #boxing #hardwork #girlswhobox

I’ll never forget this day. I’ll always remember my hat blowing off and going 40 feet up in the air, and me running full speed to catch it, as Landon has a laugh attack, as my Ronald McDonald hair is blowing in the hurricane. I’ll never forget when the dog monster truck came out and Landon’s entire face lit up. He loves dogs, and this truck was legit a dog!! But the best was when Grave Digger came out on the last freestyle and the truck rolled over, and caught fire. Landon was more concerned about if he was okay while everyone else thought it was a badass/cool flip, and it made me think “we sure raised a thoughtful little boy!” Not only was he concerned for the guys well being, but he kept making sure my earplugs were in cause he didn’t want the sound to hurt my ears. I love Landon so much. If you actually know Landon, you know how special he is. Happy Early Birthday bud. We were so lucky to have been given such a special gift. ❤️ #monsterjam2018 #thankful

All jokes aside (because that’s what this coach constantly does), Bob Wilcox wants to help everybody, and he’s always doing more than expected, more than asked, and never complains. He could have 30 people in the gym, and he somehow tries to make his way around to help everybody... Even if it’s after a full day at work, and coming into the gym exhausted at the end of the day! I am so grateful to have met him, and be apart of his boxing family at Steeltown. What a great guy with a huge heart and amazing family #steeltownsgreatest #theman #thecoach #bobwilcox #everybodylovesbob

“Stay consistent. Trust your vision.”

Thank you @3lionspromotions for the new Dark Angel gear. I broke in my sweater today with a 5k run, and felt proud every step.

#3lionspromotions #boxer #boxing #athlete #canadian #goodlife #boxerbraids

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