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Kylie | NYC Radio DJ & Blogger  🎙 Radio personality @nashfm947 📷 Videographer, blogger, creator 🐩 Rescue dog mom 🗽 New York City 💌

Eloise and I are sharing a moment while Lou eyes the pile of goose poop she wants to roll in.

The heatwave broke and we’re going mini golfing today!

When was the last time we all went out together? Halloween 2011 probably? Singing show tunes at a piano bar is much more up our alley.

“And a side of carrots for my dog.” 👅

Remember that day @midland was too hot to wear their boots so they made shoes out of cardboard, newspaper, and duct tape instead? Still got kicked out of the restaurant. Apparently homemade footwear falls under the “No Shoes, No Service” rule. I miss #CascoBay and our adventures aboard the Bella Vita so much.

Everything at @sweetmomentnyc is adorable and delicious, and the walk through Chinatown to get there is its own unique experience. 🐻💕 Shout out to @reasecassity who allowed me to take 10,000 photos before she tried the first bite of her Nutella waffle. Full post with more photos on the way!

Always in the West Village, always trying to think of ways to make a few million and settle down in a Perry Street townhome. Hell, I’d settle for Charles, Bank, or Bethune if I had to.

One reason you should carry cash in New York City is to always be prepared for when you spot Mister Softee. I had to bum a fiver from Chris for this Choco-Merlin cone. 10/10. Would recommend.

On Saturday morning I had a cappuccino at the cafe that brought cappuccinos to the US in the 1920s and I can confidently say it is the best I’ve ever had. ☕️ #CaffeReggio in #greenwichvillage is high on my list of non-touristy things to do in #NYC. Besides the stellar coffee and Italian desserts, this place is filled with (authentic) Renaissance art and has been featured in tons of films and television shows. And it’s across the street from Louis May Alcott’s former townhouse, so ya know, if the coffee doesn’t inspire you the neighbors will.

Having a big moment with quirky NYC history. In the late 1800s Minetta Street and Minetta Lane were the most crime-filled spots in the Village. Murder, prostitution, drugs... now the quiet neighborhood is frequented by girls like us who want to get the best shot for Instagram. But also learn about the history! I promise!

Stairway to Heaven was a song about this kind-of spiral staircase leading to this perfect #UpperWestSide townhouse.

Guess what’s in my @seabagsmaine? Girl Scout Cookies. Two boxes. The Girl Scouts here are very industrious & approached our table after we finished lunch to peddle their goods.

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