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I’ll never forget the day he told me he was adopted.
We were about to crawl into bed after a night out in the Old Port, both appropriately drunk (one of us more so), when Chris pulled out his phone and brought up a map of Florida. He pointed to a spot on his screen and said, “My birth parents live in the panhandle of Florida. I get to see them sometimes.”
We had only been dating a month, so I was so surprised to hear him sharing this big piece of himself. I didn’t ask questions, and he rolled over and drifted off to sleep.
I waited for him to revisit the topic when he was ready. It wasn’t for another two months, when I met his mother and father, that I learned his story of adoption was a total and complete lie.
He most definitely was not adopted, and had unknowingly (read: drunkenly) pulled his longest term joke on me EVER. When I started to question it, I asked him about it & he responded, “What are you talking about? Who told you I was adopted?” That’s when I explained the night out, the map, the panhandle of Florida... He lost it. He was pretty damn pleased with himself. And I laughed too because if there’s anything I appreciate, it’s a long term joke, even if I’m the butt of it.
I’m gonna marry him so hard. And if you’re coming to our wedding, you’ll probably hear this story again because it’s one of my favorites.

I never understood why people loved fall so much... And then I moved to New York City.
Summer 2018 marked the first summer of my life that I didn’t spend in Maine. I missed those early summer Maine mornings when you wake up with the windows open and it’s fresh and clear outside, still a little cool in your room from overnight, but you know the day will warm up to perfect 70-something-degrees with sunshine and a light breeze. If you’re from Maine, you know exactly what I’m talking about because summertime is the best time in the ol’ Pine Tree State.
Living in a high rise NYC, the windows don’t open more than 4 inches and you wouldn’t want to let in the sounds and smells anyway. In the summer here, everything sweats. I can’t say I loved summer here, but there are lots of things I appreciated about it: al fresco dining, living on the Hudson, Central Park on weekdays. But now that I’ve spent a full summer in Manhattan, I know exactly why fall people lust over this season.

It’s finally cool, the trees are turning, Riverside Park isn’t crowded, and I can stand on a subway platform without turning into a puddle Alex Mack style (10 points to Gryffindor if you get that reference.) These pups are excited for longer walks now that the temps and humidity have settled into Maine-like weather. So far fall in NYC is pretty lovely.

Raise your hand if you’d rather go to the dentist than post a selfie.
If you scroll back through my feed you’ll see plenty of photos of my dogs, my good-looking fiancé, indulgent food, scenes of my city (and the city I miss), and more snaps of my dogs. I guess my feed is filled with photos of the things I love most. But photos of myself? The scales are tipped in favor of dog photos.

Posting photos of myself feels... weird. Like I’m asking for compliments. Like I need the world to confirm that yes, that mini-top bun hairstyle is totally working for me right now. But if my feed is filled with the things I love most, shouldn’t that include myself?
Listen, it’s probably an underlying worry that my selfie won’t fit into the Instagram world of curated blogger photos and perfectly styled outfits, but I’m getting better at not giving a damn about that. So here’s a photo of my face from last Friday in an attempt to get over my fear of selfies and add a little more of what I love to my feed. I think you should post a selfie today, too. Tag me if ya do so I can tell you that your hair is totally working for you today.

Not my champagne, not his jacket, and two guys wearing nothing but bathrobes watched as we posed for this photo. Spending a weekend in Newport at @gurneysnewport was all things fun and weird and special. 🙌🏼💕

You know how hotels give you those room service breakfast order forms to hang on your door knob so your food is delivered ASAP when you wake up? @christopherlow11 treated ours like a write in ballot & added an off-menu breakfast sandwich for me. @gurneysnewport made it happen and I am verrry happy. #gonetogurneys

We’ve only been here 20 minutes and I’ve already discovered that @gurneysnewport has the best crab cake on the eastern seaboard. #gonetogurneys

Our first time at @carminesnyc where everything is served family style & sharing is encouraged (more like required because this is ridiculous!) Hand for scale.

Captain Low took a passenger seat next to me this weekend for an entire day of boating in New York Harbor & Long Island Sound. As demonstrated in this photo, it was the perfect day.

The things they don’t tell you about living in New York City: You will walk down a quiet side-street in the 80s block of the UWS and fall in love with every single brownstone and every single stoop that leads to the stately wood front doors. Alas, this is the one that got away.

Truffle cheesesteak curly fries by @thetruffleist at #madsqeats modeled by @christopherlow11. 👀👅

48 hours in Duluth, Minnesota. Still not convinced that body of water is a LAKE. Yes, I’ve seen a map but I say if it requires a lighthouse it’s basically an ocean.

I didn’t know on that day I’d live in New York City seventeen years later, but we all became New Yorkers on September 11, 2001.

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