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KYLEE  Singer-Songwriter | Stanford Graduate | YouTube: (KYLEE & VEVO) New Instagram Account:@kylee.badger Twitter: @kylee

久しぶりのポスト!😊メリークリスマス!🎄新しいアカウントフォローしてネ!@kylee.badger 💋

Hi everyone! It’s been a little while but just wanted to reconnect and give you all a little sneak peak into a very special event that recently took place in my life! I got married! 🎉💕 Couldn’t be happier that I now get to spend forever with my best friend and partner in crime! Hope you’re all doing well and would love for you all to continue to follow my journey post-singing in Japan on my new personal Instagram account @kylee.badger ! Lots of love and happy holidays!

Hey guys! Just wanted to share an announcement from my official music page about my decision to officially terminate my contract with Sony Music Entertainment Japan after 8 years or so together and my plans after graduation. It’s been quite a journey figuring out how I want to pursue music and everything else that quite frankly makes me happy. These past four years at Stanford have made me more confused than ever about a lot of things, but at the same time, it’s forced me to ask the difficult questions that really allowed me to get to the heart of who I am and what I want in life. There’s also a PULSE article as well that touches on everything in more detail on my FB page!:) Be sure to follow me on my new personal Instagram account @kylee.badger








新しいインスタを作りましたので、良かったらフォローしてネ!♡^_−☆ @kylee_saunders_

With love,

Finally 22!✨ Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday this past week! 22歳になっちゃった〜!お誕生日メッセージを送ってくれたみんなありがとう!これからもよろしく!☆

Last one 😝 This is one of my favorites!!! ラスト!(^^)
#成人式 #comingofage


This past month I visited Kyoto and went with my grandparents to take part in a tradition for Japanese women known as a "Coming of Age" ceremony. These are the pictures from the photoshoot portion. It was an extremely heart-warming experience. Given that most of my life I've been living in the U.S. it meant a lot to my grandparents to see me take part in a tradition from their culture. I was so happy to see the way it made them feel. I'm very grateful that I was able to take part and will forever cherish this experience. Can't wait to have my own kids go through the ceremony as well one day!:) 先月、京都で成人式の撮影をやることができました!すごく素敵な経験でした♥︎いつか自分の子供達にもやってほしい!(^^)♪ #成人式 #comingofageceremony

My heart goes out to all those affected by what happened yesterday in Paris. You're all in my thoughts and prayers #prayforparis🇫🇷🙏🏻

Last time I saw this girl was in Harajuku two years ago! It was so great seeing you again Yuka!💕🎉 #sjec #foreverfriends

The Dynamic Duo takes on LA for one last week☀️🌴💕

Went out for an early birthday dinner tonight:) ✨ #almost21 #cantwait 😜

It's all about the color coding🌈 #deadweek #studyingforfinals #addingsomecolortothemadness

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