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kyleeleonetti  God, family, cameras, cats, confetti, & connecting creative women. Mpls|MN 📷🎬@kyleeandchristiancreative 💞👯@girl.creativeMSP ✂️🎉@leonetticonfetti

Self care does not always look like candlelit bubble baths even though i love those, sometimes it’s making time to work out and talking to God and drinking slim fast because you actually like the taste, expressing vs suppressing emotions, saying no and also forgiving and limiting the time spent with people who are draining and cooking dinner at home even if you have the cash to go out, I don’t know. Except I DO know. I’m doing more of all these things lately. And I’m feeling the weight of life lift a little more daily. Since we’re finally taking about mental health it makes sense to me to talk about healing, too. These things have helped me work on the insides of me and brought healing and I would love to hear what brings healing for you, if anyone would like to share 💜

It might have rained out 90% of our weekend plans, but we still had so much fun with our family in Wisconsin! If you haven’t been to Willow River Falls, highly recommend. Such a great weekend destination just an hour outside MSP ✨🏕#chasingwaterfalls #wisconsin #almostcamping #fathersday

Kinda can’t wait to hit the road this summer, drive through some choice small towns, and photograph their weird little motels 👻📸 #Midwest #puremichigan

The best is when you check the call sheet quick and realize you’re on set next week with A QUEEN!!! thanks for bringing us together @sureCANproductions 🙌🏼 (photo of @liv.bitten by me from the archives of a shoot for @undone_magazine, HMUA @fatimaolivebeauty!) #kyleeandchristiancreative #photobykyleeleonetti #mnphotographers #minneapolisphotographer #minneapolis #model

This is me a lot lately: in pj’s by 7pm, tired-but-happy from working on things I truly love to do, cooking while balancing the 10 year old monkey on my back who keeps sneaking tortilla chips from the cupboard.🐒😆 Thanks for capturing life right now, @christianmj 💕

Lovers of pocket dresses and parking lot squeezes and Sundays with these people 💕#sundays #rest

Spending hours and hours narrowing down my photo work to only the favorites for the new site 🤭 this shoot with @maritza_at_haus + @ampersandria - aka Betty Danger - last fall was life giving! 🎡💁🏼‍♀️📸😍 #workworkworkworkwork #kyleeandchristiancreative #vintage #model #photoshoot

Another couple of snapshots from what I have historically deemed the worst and craziest time of the year - the endless concerts and open houses and closing ceremonies and sports kickoffs and busy busy busy. But this year I’m not singing that song 🙅🏻‍♀️instead I’m waving praise hands over this season and saying prayers of thanks for the opportunity to be present in this kid’s beautiful life. 🙌🏼 also shoutout to my ex for taking this cute first photo, and my main for snapping the second pic because life is weird and wonderful and family comes in all forms!!!! 💗

Last nights’ spring concert for my little percussionist 🥁never gonna get over how cool she is compared to me in 4th grade 😍 #marilynlola #letthembelittle

I’ve been using my phone to take time lapses of the plants blooming wildly in my window. Trying to catch them in action has proved to be a weirdly meditative exercise, in that my phone gets tied up for hours & hours on end....anyone with borderline addictive tendencies to their tech will agree it’s hard but so worth it to step away from social media and texts and let the brain breathe. I caught the end of my wax plant opening up during Sunday night’s sunset, this cluster of weird geometric buds the last of five to burst open, filling my kitchen with the sweet scent of spring. 🌸 #timelapse #video #waxplant #socialmedia #anxiety #workingonthings

Finally put some words + images up from last year’s Mother’s Day getaway on my blog over at - link in profile if you’d like to visit the North Shore with us💗 #filmstripsandfairytales #happymothersday #mothersday #northshore #getaway #fbf #flashbackfriday

My oldest friend (she hates when I call her that) is pure Peruvian perfection, & if the crowd at last night’s packed performance at the Festival of Nations is any proof, everyone else is on Team Peru too — half ofthe Roy Wilkins auditorium emptied out after their dance 💃🏻 😂😍 #Peruvian #dance #festivalofnations2018 #kyleeandchristiancreative

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