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kyleeleonetti  Wife + mother, friend + creative trying to love people more like Jesus everyday. 📷🎬@kyleeandchristiancreative 💞👯@girl.creativeMSP ✂️🎉@leonetticonfetti

Portrait of me on any given day; in my tiny office, surrounded by papers, looking for the light. Haven’t been sharing much on here; haven’t had the energy. Starting another business has been mentally and emotionally exhausting and yet, the most rewarding thing. Still, being in startup mode x3 has stretched me thin and exposed every weakness I never knew I had. But this morning as the storm rumbles in the distance and my to-do list stacks higher than I am tall enough to reach, I remember that the God who wore weakness to reach us at our weakest is not surprised by my lack of strength; maybe my weakness is an invitation to stand on God’s shoulders and claim that strength as my own. Maybe if we aren’t afraid to be weak, we can move out of our own way and make room for Real Strength to carry us through the darkest times. It is a beckoning to lift my eyes and open my hands to the possibility that God’s got me in the palm of a hand bigger than myself, one that can hold me and all my darkness and the weight of the whole wide world, all at once.

Photo by Christian who sees the good light before I do, every single time

What it feels like going into my third year as a judge at The Minnesota State Fair, 4-H Photography Project (I blame @dreadfule for getting me into this!). Photos & words are up on and also linked in profile 🎡🍭🍟 #filmstripsandfairytales #4H #MinnesotaStateFair #statefair #photography #lastweekofsummer

August is notoriously a hellishly busy dumpster fire, so it was a relief to ditch the busy routine for an afternoon hanging with my camera and an old friend (and a boat load of Doritos). Here are 7 frames from @brieannthelen’s home, where I reckon being one of her pets or plants is better than being being a human in some places. That’s because she’s a caretaker, a time-spender, a light-finder. Even when everything goes wrong in life, she is able to see some kind of good and keep going. Being with her feels like being 17 again, free to BE, and that is exactly what I think the friend we both lost who unknowingly connected us for life with his own life’s ending would want for us, a dozen or so years later.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life, but replacing the waffle maker when the one @christianmj brought into this marriage broke (he had a kitchen appliance dowry!) is definitely not one of them. Also hi we go through A CRAP TON of @bobsredmill GF all-purpose around here 😳 ...because waffles on Sundays 🙏🏼 #waffles #sunday #dayofrest #brunch #leslieknope

Yesterday’s summer ender bender with these crazy cousins who mostly behaved despite nephew 1 swallowing a loose tooth🤣 at Valleyfair which was mostly EMPTY on account of that other if you’ll excuse me my head is still swirling from watching 8 hours of spinning and screaming on repeat 🌀 #Valleyfair #mnsummer

I was just telling someone how old this girl of mine seems, so independent these days like she doesn’t really need me at all anymore & I’m not sure how that makes me feel (not that it’s about me!!!). Then tonight she grabbed my hand outside the 5th grade ice cream social, and hung on to it tightly at the risk of full embarrassment about being seen. And she asked if I would just lay with her at bedtime, like I used to every night. As I write this I’m scratching circles between her shoulder blades, same way I have since she was two, saying thankful prayers for this independent woman I’m raising and for the thousands of little/big ways she still needs me every day. #backtoschool #marilynlola

In my most natural state, confetti in my hair 🎉💁🏻‍♀️ and with crazy eyes because big news! I love creating experiences of joy & celebration with confetti so much, I launched a business selling bits of brightly colored paper in celebratory vessels online called @leonetticonfetti 🎉🎉🎉 & to kick things off we hired a bunch of women from @waysiderecoverycenter who are helping me build this business & follow my dream of putting MORE confetti into the world while celebrating women who need a fresh start. We have a full collection of products you can buy RIGHT NOW! I guess I’m terrified to share this because someone once told me nobody will buy my stuff on Etsy because “etsy moms will figure out how to make it themselves”, but to that I say GOOD LUCK GETTING YOUR CONFETTI TO BE THIS CUTE OR HAVING YOUR NAME RHYME WITH CONFETTI! 🎉 to shop — 🎉((world’s cutest logo design by @chelseabrink)) #leonetticonfetti

I wrote today about doing things even when I’m afraid, and I guess this photo has nothing to do with that but looking at it makes me feel so calm. I can’t wait to be back near this beautiful body of water in just two days (link’s in profile in case anyone wants to read, at #lakesuperior #sunset #puremichigan

Jesus was a feminist. HEAR ME OUT. In a culture that exploited women, he respected them. When women didn’t have an esteemed place in society, he sought them out and he listened to them. And if the church hadn’t failed women, ignoring Jesus’ teachings, we never would have needed to term this movement FEMINISM, but... here we are.
Scared to call yourself a feminist? I was too - then I married one & learned that feminism DOES NOT EQUATE TO MAN-HATING, it quite literally means “the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes”. Don’t we all want equality to be our reality?
A great place to start working towards that reality is the polls. Minnesota’s Primary Election is this Tuesday, August 14th. The Primary allows us to determine which candidates are on the ballot this November in the highly crucial Midterm Elections. We have the opportunity to put some incredible women on that ballot; not only are these women experienced leaders and passionate advocates, but they will help create an inclusive, reflective democracy. IT’S TIME. Are you feminist enough to help elect some women? Please don’t forget to vote on August 14th! #ElectWomenMN 📷: @rita.m.farmer 🖤 pants by @bpaigehansen whose closet I love to shop in 💁🏻‍♀️

Will stop for wildflowers, every single time 🌼🌸 (📸 by my 10 year old 👧🏽) #puremichigan #wildflowers #camphair #bliss

On my LinkedIn bio it once said (or currently says? Idk!), “I bring ideas to life!” & I used to think that sounded cheesy but now I don’t even care because THAT IS GENUINELY WHAT I LOVE TO DO THE MOST & never is it more rewarding than when the idea is also something I fully believe in and think the world needs more of! That’s @copinglessons, 100%. It’s SUCH A FUN SHOW and today we filmed episodes 4-6 with @lizwelle & @ereyayouknowme in the kitchen and on the floor and all over the aisles of @lakewindsfoodcoop 😂🙌🏼 It’s so encouraging to watch what women can do when they refuse to give up on what could be a real good idea (lookin’ at you, Liz!) Check @copinglessons profile to watch episodes 1-2, ep3 launches next week @kyleeandchristiancreative!!! #copinglessons #kyleeandchristiancreative thanks to the world’s best tiny crew @christianmj @anthonyongaro & @lindseywente!

Spent the week exploring one of my favorite places on the planet with my absolute favorite people to take on an adventure. I am always radically recharged & simultaneously exhausted after these trips, and we just did two back to back. Five years ago there’s no way I would have done this. Two family vacations in a month? Seemed insane. Now I’m actively working toward the goal of taking one month off every year to travel with my people, because i think what’s truly insane is letting your entire life pass by without spending some quality time getting to know the humans you love the most. Summers here are good for that ❤️ #puremichigan #roadtrip

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