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Spent Easter Sunday with the fam trying to get closer to Jesus. 12,800' closer so far..

Happy birthday to myself..... and Nicolette. New wheels to roll around Denver 🚴🏿🚴🏿

Tastes good finding the last bit of powder on the mountain...

This pretty well sums up working in Oregon this winter

Snapchat Videography

Visited Portland and drove the Pacific Coast Highway this weekend... It was wǝird

funny face time w @nicoletteclaire

It's shaping up to be my last week of work here in Nevada. I can't wait to get back to Denver and this cheeky little thing @nicoletteclaire .. But I think she has to admit, Las Vegas did show us a few good times

The real world ain't so bad when you're out working in the real world #OutdoorOffice @redbulladventure #Nevada #TheHillsHaveEyes



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