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Kyla  your friendly neighborhood mormon feminist✨#MeTooUtah #MoreThanASurvivor✨like Giselle from Enchanted, but dressed in black✨ @sodalicious 👑

Hannah is genuine and passionate and kind and I am so proud of her. Love to you, my queen 🖤🖤🖤

I got ridiculously lost hiking into Dry Canyon and I only cried a little!!! I'm grateful that I still ended up somewhere beautiful and finished up before it was too dark. If I have to fail, I'm glad it was at something I can easily try again. (S/o to @rinnybird for driving me back to my car when I came out of the totally wrong park)

Bury me in a ball pit plz

I love confetti

Had a fantastic time on the panel for @livvidiaz 's awesome Elder's Quorum lesson 💕

Kyla Has A Selfie Stick And Knows How To Use It: a memoir

I hiked Squaw Peak today and it was rad.
(I am my own Instagram boyfriend.)

When I say that I am happy, this is what I mean:

I have had weeks upon weeks of good days. Hard things are still hard, but I bounce back faster. I feel like myself again, but better. It's a process and I'm not done, but I know that healing is real because I'm living it.

This time last year, I had a hard time getting out of bed. Now? I climb mountains.

I've learned a lot these past three weeks and I am overflowing with gratitude.
I've decided I'm not going to waste any more time demeaning myself. I'm done apologizing for existing. I'm through with defining myself by what I lack.

I am happy and content. I am learning to use my voice to help others and change hearts. I am choosing kindness over bitterness, humility over pride, and trust in God over fear.
I am not broken. I am loved. I am enough. I am moving forward. I believe that I deserve good things. I don't have to be perfect to matter. Life doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

"We don't need to be diminished, to sisters or daughters or mothers.
I am a human being. That is how you relate to me."

This @juniperoakclothing romper makes me feel like Allie from "The Notebook" in the beach scene. I miss the ocean. Guess I'll have to settle for sitting on my floaty in a pool, listening to Taylor Swift, aptly named "Provo Basic" sodalicious drink in hand.

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