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KYLEE BROOKE AGRON  🤘loving upwards & outwards. 'ooga chaka'

To my friends & to my family:
It is only March and already I can say in confidence that this year has been the worst one yet. It is not Instagram worthy, sometimes I think I cry more than I laugh, sometimes I feel very alone, and like I'm stuck in this valley in which I can't possibly reach a lower depth and even then...However, I find comfort in the small but mighty truths that reveal themselves to me daily:
• Even in my 'wilderness' God is with me and FOR me •It's OK to be the vulnerable person in need of help this time
• Even now there is much to be grateful for
• There are people who love and care about me, let them in & let them bear my burdens with me
• There will be good days & bad days, good moments & sad moments and most times you never know when they are coming, be thankful for the good
• Prayer life is calming and on 🔥
• I will grow from this and I will rise back up.

Sometimes all you need to refresh yourself for the upcoming week is a good cup of chai, a precious local bookstore around the corner, and an even better friend.

sisterhood rats or sister hoodrats? 💯💃🏻

Real question..for a it okay to wear sunglasses while it's raining? Not because I'm a snooty SoCal resident, but this cloud cover is bright as heck amiright? 🕶

This accumulation of homework is getting on my last verve*

if y'all thought this was dramatic, you should've seen me actually getting pierced. #cartilageclub

Is it normal to be so stressed that you convince yourself you need a mini alpaca? Meet Manny, as in Manny Alpac-quiao.

Just a few chic chicas in chico🌲✨

What was bought: brownies and bacon
What should've been bought: a belt

What a beautiful thing it is to experience Christ in another culture. Also pretty sure we impressed the entire Indian community with our major hops🐰

"Spending my Paychecks on Flowers" the sequel

No big deal, just had dinner on a LA rooftop wiTH A FREAKING SWIMMING POOL & THIS INSANE VIEW
*sidenote: hit up Lindsey Richardson for quality date ideas

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