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KYLEE BROOKE AGRON  🤘loving upwards & outwards

Okay this lake "blue" my mind. (lol, get it cause it's so freaking blue & also results from a volcanic eruption and not a meteorite). This park is another HAVE TO and definitely worth the summer crowds. Visit the lodge above the lake, order yourself a dirty chai (request a fancy cup), and take a minute to take in the serenity of the deepest lake in America!

Never have I seen freshwater so strikingly blue,
Grazing elk so indifferent to my presence, nor
A landscape that so closely resembles Jurassic Park (I honestly was hoping to ride a baby Triceratops). 10/10 suggest visiting this ntl. park in your lifetime, it lacks monotony and has one of the largest temperate rainforests in the US!

It hurts me how beautiful the PNW is because unless I have allergy medicine on an IV drip I'll never be able to live here. Does this stop me from pulling over at any/every field of flowers? Nope.

The last time we were having a picnic together I had just finished packing up my dorm, ready (though not emotionally) to leave Biola in the middle of my freshman yr. Amidst the sleepless nights in preparation for finals it's super easy to complain, but I was reminded, mid-pizza-bite and mid-laugh, that I am so incredibly blessed by this school and its people. For the first time I can say that I am so incandescently happy to be studying for exams, because it means I'm back here, and for that I am SO thankful.

"support yer local longhairs"//thank you @theweeksmusic for putting on the best show. I didn't even think about finals once!

i kid you not, i squeal every time i see a jacaranda tree. this is why spring is my absolute favorite 💜✨

We've decided collectively that bangs are a big fat NO for us, but sisters are fun to try these things out with 😛

Thank God for sisters who sport coconut oil hair & awkward dance moves without shame.

PSA!! Do yourself a solid and pick up a copy of this sunshine bound reassurance that you aren't the only one stumbling about this unhinged life like a clumsy newborn giraffe. Also, please admire my pretty new shoes that I nearly broke a hip to show to y'all. --------------------------------------------
"I inserted myself in the words and made her experience mine. I've learned this notion of not knowing where you end & the artist begins..."

Between the sunburn (even though it was cloudy, idk why these things happen to me) and 4/20 festival traffic and navigating the city with 5 girls + a baby, I guess you could say it was an interesting day 🙆🏻

Thee best way to explore the city is with cute locals who double as family - enjoy some silly pics from our time together thus far!

My heart feels a lot like the colors in this photo, it's good to be home.

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