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Whisky Reviews  A Whisky enthusiast based in Sydney Australia. All photos are mine unless it's a reblog and proper credit will always be given to original author.

Macallan 10 cask strength from the early 1990's. The label is a little worse for wear but damn it's a true unicorn.

I found this at whisky specialty store in Taichung, Taiwan. Amazingly not only did have this but four different generations of the Macallan 10 cask strength.

I definitely need one tonight!

Great shot by @non_chillfiltered. The whisky itself has something for everyone.

From the fruity goodness of the nose to the honey, citrus and spice of the palate the Yamazaki 18 is a first class experience.

Have you tried this? Thoughts?

Exclusively made for travel retail, the Glenlivet Master Distiller's Reserve Solera vatted is an elegant dram with excellent complimentary notes.

On the nose there is Cinnamon and clove battling powerful toffee with ever so gliding malt notes.

The palate is light, fruity, slightly medicinal and licorice which decipates quickly.

The finish is oaky with gentle spices.

If you're travelling I highly recommend you pick one up. True value for money.

How are you spending your Friday night? Mine is with this sherry bomb.

If you love your sherry cask then I highly recommend any of the Glendronach limited release drams.

This 19 year old had an exceptional balance between sweetness and spice with an ever present sherry note.

Very few drams surpass the Macallan 18 on complexity and balance.

On the nose there is toffee sweetness balanced delicately with baking spice - a touch of cinnamon mixed with cloves perhaps.

The palate delivers a gentle toffee reminder with hints of dried apricot and then bang a huge range of spices kick in from cloves to ginger.

The finish is slightly oaky balanced with a slight touch of sweetness that does not linger.

Have you tried it? Thoughts?

Against my better judgement I tried the Sullivan's Cove American oak on the rocks. For me it dulled the sweetness and All you're left with are spices. This dram is a lot more then that.

When had neat or with a dash of water its true flavours come out.

The nosing brings delightful Vanilla and toffee notes balanced with a passing scent of pepper.

The palate is dominated with spice notes mixed with Vanilla and nuttiness - it was the lack vanilla on the rocks which diminished the experience. The vanilla provides a much needed balance.

The vanilla and nutty notes continue onto the finish.

I think overall this is a brilliant Aussie whisky. Have you had this? Thoughts?

Yamazaki Limited Edition 2014 - many consider this to be the best in the range. I cannot give you any notes since I haven't opened it. To be honest don't know if I will anytime soon.

This rare gem is a combination of 20 year old Sherry, 20 year old Port and younger ex-bourbon casks.

Have you tried this? Thoughts?

The now discontinued Old Pulteney is 17 is delicate whisky aged in both ex bourbon and sherry casks.

On the nose there is fruity sweetnes and more then a hint of the sea (a real hallmark of an Old Pulteney whisky). Right at the back end of the nosing there is touch of mint.

The palate is light with earthy spices and fruity sweetness, think saltanas. Then there are some delicate herbal notes to balance out the palate experience.

Finally the finish brings oak into the equation coupled with toffee and bitterness - a great combination, very rare to see it in the finish of a whisky.

Overall, I consider this to be on par with their 21 year old statement.

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?

A true unicorn! This Ardbeg series is the perfect experiment in understanding the change in profile as the whisky ages.

Aged in the same cask they have been bottled at 6 yrs (very young) all the way to 10 years (Renaissance). The renaissance was the first 10 year old to be released by Ardbeg after being taken over by Glenmorangie in 1997.

This shot was taken by @itscodybanks. It's very rare indeed to see the entire series in the hands of one collector. Well done champ!

Aged in both ex bourbon and two different sherry casks this dram is a sight to behold and a seriously good dram.

On the nose there is vanilla and beautiful oak notes.

The palate has all the characteristics of a great Macallan dram with sherry, fruity sweetness, toffee and ginger spice mingling together with some bitterness to enhance this complex and elegant dram.

The finish is dry with oak, and hints toffee combining with a touch of bitterness to create pleasant finish.

Overall, it's worth getting your hands on it if you can.

Bunnahabhain 12 a whisky that marches the beat of its own drum. While other Islay drams produce punchy peat numbers, Bunnahabhain 12 gifts us with subtle flavours.

On the nose you are met with the freshness of the beach mangled with a touch of sweetness.

The palate delivers subtle notes of fruity sweetness such as sultanas and the finish has a touch of sherry and it's very earthy with herbal and salty notes taking back to the beach.

Chivas 18 gets its beauty from simplicity. Simple notes that work really well together.

The nose is bourbonesque with vanilla dominating with gentle spice hints.

The palate is where this dram is a winner with honey, toffee and cinnamon combine beautifully for a balanced experience.

The finish is simple with oak and mild spices preparing your palate for the next sip.

Overall, a great dram and at half the price of the Royal Salute the Chivas 18 represents value for money.

What are your thoughts on this dram? Is there another Scottish blend which represents better value for money?

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