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🌻🌱 kylie 🌱🌻  🌿 A dumb weeb who’s very passionate about storytelling and character design that likes to draw | Feel free to dm me, I love making friends!! 🌿

wow it’s me, and it looks goofy but hey that’s on brand

dumb fucking allucard because I binged season two of castlevania

I’m not really okay but hey being okay is the destination and I’m on my way there. I’m trying. I know a lot of y’all are dealing with your own problems and issues and you’re trying too, and I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s reached out to me.

sorry it’s not anime :(

I might delete this I don’t know but then again I don’t like the chisato drawing and she’s till up?? anywho pun sent me a momo last night and I felt compelled to draw her

I feel bad for posting things that aren’t my hero academia related (because I’m sure that’s most of you followed me for) gosh what a loser,, but yesterday I reached 200 followers and I’m really thankful for all of you guys who support me and my art

not filling in the speech bubble because it’s technically a spoiler but todoroki is a sassy bitch love him

figured I should try to post while I can :’))) had to draw a momo to go along with jirou because they’re cute

hey for those people who actually care about my art and posting and shit please read the following

My parents have decided to restore the “family unit” by deciding to get any and every social form of media we (my siblings and I) have and proceeding to stalk us to make sure we aren’t posting anything inappropriate, to make sure their “investments” aren’t ruined by what they’re posting online. I don’t get along with my family that well, and the thought of them seeing my art makes me want to throw up because it’s something close and personal to me. They have given me until August 1st to “clean up” my social media or delete it entirely. I don’t know how thorough they’re going to be with their dumb controlling stalking but I’m gonna play it safe for awhile then see if I can work around it. Anywho if you want to reach me just dm me and I’ll give you my phone number.

I'm not hyped for the next season of Voltron because honestly the show is very disappointing with its plot, character development, motivation, etc but hey allura is a cutie

wow two post in one day what is this??? but yeah uh sorry todoroki is dumbfoundly lookin at his fire hand

hey sorry Instagram was being buggy and weird but hi my name is Kylie I hate my art and I'm trying to get outside my comfort zone with shit that isn't markers or a dumb headshot
p.s I love kirishima eijirou

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