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🌻🌱 kylie 🌱🌻  🌿 Hi I like cartoons and drawing :')) 🌿 Commissions: OPEN

I'm really anxious about posting these but I'll get over it!!

haha uh sorry I didn't post for a month the adventure zone took over my life and in my pity party of trying to recover from the finale I drew deku,,, gosh it's been awhile

Season Three is soon y'all

he's a lover not a fighter let him fucking dance @ fire emblem

gross sketch of a gross boy and a pretty girl πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ

I wish I did this on better paper because I had to use color pencils and this bitch took forever but it's okay because I love Odin

another gift for my friend Laurin!! I've had this drawn for awhile now :')

my heart beats for @laurinthealien like todoroki's dad beats him

hi I love froopy she's amazing did you hear that her birthday was yesterday?? and have y'all heard about @pun_unicorn she's amazing and I love her very much

I joined a group chat the other day with a bunch of weebs but I love them

haha don't you love it when your husband gets possessed because he has a huge inferiority complex and some asshole decided to take advantage of that? Yeah me too

Art trade with my buddy @tofuarts !! I drew her OC and I'm return she drew me a cute ass momo!!

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