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Kylie Monaghan  Wifey, Mommy to Tucker 🐶 and Kennedy 🎀, R+F consultant 💁‍♀️ and shopping addict 👠👗

Accurate! And we can’t forget about the Furbee😂. I walked by a middle school yesterday and couldn’t believe the number of kids who have cell phones !

Out cold after an afternoon with baby group #oey #babygroup #outcold

She lights up my world !

This little peanut gets to see her first musical this weekend ! Just to be sure it isn’t too loud , we got the sound cancel ear phones 😜. #beautyandthebeast #mothersday #disney #toronto #roadtrip #shetravelswell #thankgod #disneyfanatic

Nothing like pics from daycare to brighten any morning !

Here’s to all the “imperfectly perfect mommas” out there who are just holding onto life by a thread some days !

I was in a rush this morning to get out of the house and realized afterward that I left all of her clean laundry in the dryer and didn’t pack her diaper bag properly (first mistake 😏). Go figure it would be the day she had an accident all over herself and me! 🤢🤦‍♀️. A little creative use to make a onesie of an old tank and many laughs you just roll with it.
You’re not alone mommas. We all have those days.
#whoopsie #momlife #improviseaonesie #illpackbettertomorrow #detroittigers #sorrykid #thatwasshitty #laughoftheday #illskiptheerrandstoday #thebabyisquestioningmyparenting #momfailmonday

We cannot stop laughing .. Kennedy’s nexus came in today and this is the photo they took of her 😂😂 #mugshot #nexusbaby #finallyinthefastlane #thoseeyesthough 👀

One with the floor 😜... this may be the only time I enjoy finish cleaning the bathroom

I’ve waited for this day for so long !! Finally get to take a bath in this house😜😜 So grateful for Jason’s family doing such an incredible job. #bathroomreno #timeforabath #finally #fixerupper #makinghouseahome

Current feeling 😯 #walkingsoundsfun

Today Miss K went to her first Early Years class and had an awesome time ! We met many new little friends. She was super attentive to what was happening around her and was pulling herself forward to reach for toys. Excited to continue going - especially if these 3 hour naps continue after it! 😜 #mommaneededanaptoo

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