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Kristina Beitey (Wycinsky) 

Hawaiian shaved iced for sunset after a day at Big Beach snorkeling and jumping through some sandy shore break with floaties. I love Maui.

@nutcrumbs turkey burgers for the win! Thank you @appelfoods. It's so delicious and love the extra kick with the spicy flavor. #rkdinners2017

This girl @midnightmoo is my first friend and longest friend. We did a lot of firsts together. My first slumber party was at her house. Her family took me to the beach for the first time and her mom taught me what sex is. I saw her first kiss happen on my front lawn. First heart breaks. First time we peed our pants from laughing so hard. We even knew how to scream at each other and it only brought us closer, even if it took a couple years. We grew up together. I'll never trade the memories and so happy we get to keep making more together even if we live across the country from each other. I hope you always make bubble letter notes for my boyfriends. I love you.

Lights off but we're not ready to leave. #mylova @richbtee. Thanks for the only pictures of us @trishh_the_dish. #copleyalley

My girls make me look cool from playing the best music to helping with outfits/hair, Jello shots in lemon wedges and party decor. I love you friends. @gilliannvds I got a shoe in the picture for you. Xoxoxo #sustainablestrawoutofawineglass #copleyalley

@birbigs is going to be on this stool pretty soon but I know it's rude to take selfies during his stand up. We're beyond excited. #thankgodforjokes #howdidwescorefourthrow

Totally proud of my Pinterest hack for our "Fall Favorites" potluck at Church this morning. It's 90 degrees but it was fun smelling Fall. #applepieismyfavorite

Nothing like friends being in town at a Pad's game. #sdinhd

30th birthday party for the win @alexwycinsky

Girls Weekend 2017

We're watching you. There was two guys spray painting for an hour and covered a beautiful mural on a brick wall.

Lucky to have a chef that cooks delicious [camping] food. Left Sedona, spent a night at the South Rim Grand Canyon and super bummed I forgot to get a pic @ Dessert View Campground. On our way to a camping cabin in Moab UT, living large!

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