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When Mae West said it, it was disarming and naughty. When AT&T says it, it's just sorta sad and gross.

Brilliant bumper sticker, can't take credit. I lifted from https://plus.google.com/+ReverendEricHa and obfuscated the actual license plate number.

Most days, I carry a little bottle of isopropyl alcohol with me to clean my glasses, phone, and computer keyboard and screen (spraying it on a lens cloth and using that on electronics, of course. Naturally, this means that it's gone through the washer and dryer lots of times over the years. Dianna just found a new bottle of the type I use, which gives an amusing view of how dryer-warn mine has become over the years.

Watching a video where people are asked how many alarms are on their phones... So here's mine.

My work's company photographer does portraits for the dept meeting's work anniversary power point. (😐). He way photoshops them, as in "Who took a power sander to your face, dude?" I sorta felt obligated to do something with it.

Pulled through Macdonald's this morning, and seeing two employes confab about the right approach to use for cleaning the windows brought to mind this gem from The Mythical Man/Month: "Brooks's law: Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later"

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Will Time Never Learn? In 1994, Time magazine zealously darkened OJ Simpson's complexion in an attempt to make him seem more menacing to their largely white demographic. Today, at Simpson's parole hearing, the New York Times, CNN, and Time video had very different complexion shades as well as sharpening on Simpson. Since its probable that all this video was based on a common pool feed, that means the complexion shade tweaking and sharpening or (in the case of the New York Times ) unsharpening, was all intentionally applied in post.

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