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Krystle Ong  Me, my cat and life 🐱🦉 Follow my kitty: @finnthenaughtykitty

Being a size 6.5 is hard because shoe sizes are always either 6 or 7 and it's really rare to find a good looking and comfortable pair that is size 6.5. So thank you for being my size 6.5 and supporting me throughout this rough uni roller coaster. I miss you winter leg warmer❄️☺️ #520 #ItMeansILoveYouInMandarin #CheesyAf

You've probably already seen it on my insta story but yep here I am posting it on my feed again 😬 #JustLetTheSickGirlDoWhatSheWants 😷

Week 10 got me 😷🤒🤕🤧🤢 #SomeonePleaseSendHelp #SickAndDead #PlsLetMeGraduateAlready

Today marks a new chapter to our relationship✨ I gotta start learning to count the moments not miles from now on💖 good luck in Sydney and I'll always be back home supporting you! ☀️


Having you around isn't always fun but thank you for being such an adorable kitty when times are tiring for me. And also thank you for learning new tricks for the sake of food!!! Congrats on being able to do 3 tricks now😽 #LoveHateRelationship #FinnTheNaughtyKitty


When the sun rises, you hope for a new day but it turns out to be the same each day and after some time, you just stop hoping anymore. You stop looking forward to get by each day, you stop looking forward to tick each day off your calendar. Eventually, you end up catching yourself just standing there while the time flies by and not doing anything about it.

A year ago, our conversation was about GMB and GMB only but a year later, it turned into really really open and limitless conversations which I'm really glad of. hahaha anyways to more and more nights like these to come 🍷🍾🍗 #RyanMakesTheBestPorkBelly #WeAllDied #MoscatoMondays

These two driving me nuts but it's a nice break from Uni work 😵😏😏 #BeforeSomeoneLeaves #MemanduKacang

A little guilty pleasure for a good Saturday morning 🌞 was bummed that @krispykremeaustralia wasn't able to put in the new flavours in the box although we had requested. But it was still perfect with a cup of coffee.

Thank you @ubereats_aus for delivering them to us 😍

Something for a happy day 🌞 thank you Megmeg ❤ I miss you too🙀

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