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Krystal Wight Armstrong πŸ‚πŸƒ  Cinematic Artist + Designer β€’ Dream | Believe | Create β€’ Love creating art onset or in camera. +I'm a fan of nature, my Husband, God, typography & TX!

Things on my bedroom sideboard.
A colored pencil, bobbypin, orange stick, my daughter's found treasure from a walk, safety pin, nail brush bought for baby hair, my Husband's old book he leant me.

After sprucing up our little bathroom a few weeks ago, Andrew wanted to finally give our slings their own place, so he quickly put them up, right across from our closet (and next to the bathroom), and I snapped a pic because they made me so happy. Obviously nothing fancy (yet), but when they're all up together, they're decoration enough, and you don't even notice a lack of cute hardware! Pictures don't do them justice, hanging up together they're so pretty! I genuinely smile everytime I walk by.

Pictured here: #mywildbirdSparrow, #mywildbirdDove, Heron was missing (in the car), and Lark just joined us this week! @mywildbird
#wearallthebabies #toddlerwearing #ringslings #succulent #apartmentlife #awesomeHusband

4 Generations of "Mayfield" ladies. Snapped a month or so ago. :)

πŸ’œ @a_armstrong_iii

One day we'll take you to the sea, Baby. There's so much of His Creation to explore with you!


So my Husband (aka 'Kit Rhodes') is doing this StarWars gamer thing on Twitch tonight, that I want to watch... Me (K): What should my Twitch username be?
Husband (A): "I want to hang out with my husband but all I got was this Twitch account24"
K: "Little Kit lover"
K: So they know where my priorities are.
I continue to maintain that "The Office" infuses way too much of my day-to-day consciousness. [ ]
You can watch @a_armstrong_iii do his #StarWarsRPG thing for the #Roll20Con, at: www.Twitch.TV/Kit_Rhodes
#theoffice #theofficeus #starwars #michaelscott #littlekidlover #theofficequote #nerds #theofficenerds #starwarsffg #swrpg #marriedorks

Two of my favorite blondes.

Happy last few hours of your Birthday, Ace.
You amaze me and bring soo much Good to our lives. You deserve so many more wonderful days of celebration than just the one each year. I love you endlessly, Husband.

The best view. Green life all around with a blur of wild gold running through.

Goodness, can our sweet little blonde just have all the beautiful, embroidered, linen dresses please? And always be in nature while enjoying them! (Such a precious piece^ from @ockidscloset)

Eek, the new @myWildbird mini ring slings are soo adorable! There's a giveaway today for the launch too!
I sure would love for our Little to have one for her animals. I'm probably not eligible to win, and it's not quite in our budget right now, but if you want to get me a Mother's Day present, feel free to enter for me! 😘

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