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Kristen W  Attempting to eat healthier and be more active while learning to love myselfπŸ’œ PCOS Fighter, Whole30 Alum, ⬇11lbs

Day 15! Yes I'm still here. I'm too busy stuffing my face quickly or too tired to remember to take pictures of my food. BUT I had to document this lovely #Hellofresh repurposed meal. I made the mistake of forgetting to skip last weeks order since they aren't #whole30 complian, but I was able to use most of the ingredients in a different, #whole30compliant meal! @paleobailey has an amazing Swedish meatball recipe so I used my beef from my order and added pork and the rest to make meatballs. I also used the preprepped veggies and just tossed in evoo and roasted. So simple and I'm happy to claim this as a NSV! BEFORE I would be totally fallen off the wagon so the food wasn't wasted but this time I took what I could keep and made it something new!
#maywhole30 #breastfeedingwhole30 #notanad #ijustloveeasymailorderfood

Day FOUR today and yes the kiddos survived me and my bursts of shouting/ yelling πŸ˜‰ I only had to apologize twice, so that's good! I think cutting all things dairy prior to this whole30 (which also meant a lot of my treats) is helping my KATT mood.
Meal 1- eggs, sweet potato noodles - I wasn't super hungry when I woke up
Meal 2- sweet potato Shepherds pie
Meal 3- shrimp, snap peas, smashed potatoes & olives
Snacks were 2 rxbars and 2 fruit bars (fruit source brand from canadian Costco) ****in hindsight I need to eat more at meals but with breast feeding I'm still allowed to have a snack on whole30, but a 4th meal would be better and more fat as well hence the olives****
#whole30 #breastfeedingwhole30 #maywhole30

Day 3 comes with all the coffee β˜• (hangover stage) no pretty designs in my black coffee though and I'm okay with that! During my pregnancy I hated black coffee and was back to drinking creamer with a splash of coffee 🀣 so happy to be done buying creamer

#HANGRY today... #mywhy
Snack 1: Rxbar at 4am
M1: eggs, strawberries, potatoes
Snack 2/M2: rxbar, meat sticks, lunch meat, carrots, cucumbers & olives
M3: (not pictured) sweet potato noodles, pork chops, olives & cucumbers
Felt full at all the meals but still hungry a bit later.... I'll sip some tea and go to bed early #breastfeedingproblems
#maywhole30 #whole30rxbar #whole30canada #breastfeedingwhole30

May seems like a good time to fully commit myself to a whole30. I haven't completed the full 30 days since June 2016 and I never did a correct reintroduction. Not sure about my reintro this time around, I'll think about that when I get there, but these next 30 days are for me, to change MY relationship with Food and if it helps Nolan along the way, more power to him πŸ’š #maywhole30 #breastfeedingwhole30 #dairyfreebreastfeeding
Day one DONE!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Making carnitas from the @whole30 book. How do I not "taste" this entire bowl? YUM! 🐷🐷

Welp, looks like my dairy intake is about to take a dead halt. Nolan appears to have a dairy sensitivity that shows up through his eczema that he inherited from his mama...thanks mom. I experimented a bit, leaving out strait milk and cheese, but it appears even things cooked with the slight amount of dairy are causing flair ups with no rhyme or reason. The only way we'll know for sure is to remove all things dairy so here we go. Please send all the will power my way... I'm not sure my sugar dragon is on board with this yet 😣😣😣 #breastfeedingwhole30

Posting this for my memory... newborn=never remembering anything! Also, why do all my meals look the same even with different ingredients 🀣 Clearly I'm a big fan of one pot random mashup meals

One pot dish: Radishes, ghee, shredded brussel sprouts and brats --- suprisingly delish. The radishes loose their "bite" the softer they get it seems and give good flavor. Love finding new creations that work and can be made in mass quantities to reheat during the week! #breastfeedingwhole30 #whole30canada #whole30 #whole30mama

Husband's working late tonight so dinner needed to be leftovers or quick.... this is both. Kirkland (costco) pulled pork, (burntish) brussel sprouts, and leftover sweet potato pieces & cauliflower rice mixture πŸ‘Œ #whole30 #breastfeedingwhole30 #whole30mom #januarywhole30
And how we eat dinner these days, don't worry he won't jump of the table πŸ˜‰

Day 8 breakfast brought to you by a breastfeeding 6 week old growth spurt....all foods I can eat with one hand 🀣 Meal planning & breastfeeding marathons go hand in hand, or maybe I'll just have the toddler feed me πŸ˜‰ #whole30 #januarywhole30 #breastfeedingwhole30 #newmomof2 #whole30mom

Day 5 over here with a wild toddler and a rowdy 6 week old. Still eating compliant, snacking more than I'd like with no real structure to mini meals, but my plan this weekend is to take the time to plan it all out a bit better and maybe preprep some mini meals for those hangry times. You get a motivational quote today because I'm normally at least half way finished with a meal before I think of taking a picture 🀣 #newmomof2 #whole30 #whole30mom #januarywhole30 #breastfeedingwhole30

Late post because babies
Day 2 was an emotional rollercoaster that I've chalked up to motherhood, newborn, toddler and whole30 day 2!
Things eaten today after waking up late(or falling back to sleep after toddler started PBS)...
Fried eggs, sausage, steamed veggies, banana, black coffee w/vital proteins
Fruit source fruit bar
Sweet potato, chicken, snap peas
Pictured: compliant local sausage w/onions & mushrooms, mashed taters, and broccoli
Hoping day 3 is better & happier

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