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Kwesi Peters  Aspiring Entrepreneur Doubles Enthusiast 🇹🇹 Teller of Stories🎬🎥 @topidigital Border of Snow 🏂 S13 | RHD WRX 🏎

Used this track for the first drift event that I did video coverage for. Still obsessed with it and this band. But any who. It's a beautiful day out. East Coast Bash at Englishtown is happening in a little over an hour, and another couple is tying the knot today. Hope y'all enjoy your Saturday.

Got the 240 road worthy and registered just in time for East Coast spectate. 😩 #clubloose #ecb #eastcoastbash #maybenextyear #weddingsallweekend #s13 #nissan #240sx #notadriftcar

Mood. Uncle Zel can do no wrong.

One of the most annoying and THE hardest working woman I know. (Next to Manisha) Both my parents work hard but my ethic comes from this woman right here. Which is why though she worries, she's fine with me working a shoot all day today. Folks be patient with your mom, don't forget everything they've done for you even when you don't see eye to eye. Appreciate them. Acknowledge the love they've unconditionally given to you even if you feel like it's a little bit. Lastly, make momma dukes laugh. That joint feels great. And yes she's annoying I said it. ☕️🐸 My sister right there with her 😂

Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, turn on page and there's my mommy.

Can't you see, you're like a book of poetry...

Can the choir please, give me a verse of "you are so beautiful to me."

....Things I gotta do, just to prove to you, you were getting through!

Now I feel like it's things I gotta get...

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