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Renee Jean  California Made💎 Residing in Vegas💸 Old enough to drink🍸 Young enough to dream✈

Love you all so much !! Ride or die for life! Thank you for such an amazing birthday!!! 💋

Don't ever change your personality!! You are a true homie and I'm so thankful to know you!! Thank you for making my birthday amazing!! You stay rockin' my earrings better then me, but what can I say, you got the skill and looks! 😂 stay true stay you! #perfectmoments #atruehomie #oneofakind

We mean-muggin haha!! These two are one of a kind! @jorrysnell - "we both wear the pants, we both make a team, but I still kicked your butt on "our table"" keep up the good work and keep your eye on the cup!! Haha your amazing in every way!! 💋 always and forever. .... @calimisfit_1904 - you are one of my closest homies and have always been there! Thank you for all the positivity and guidance you have given me. I'm so thankful to have a friend like you!! Love you Dillion like a brother!! ... #webadbutnotbadbad #toomuchfun #memorieslastforever #birthdayweekend #newbalance #newconnections #bigdreams #tothefuture

25th Birthday!!! Nick you are awesome and hilarious!! Thank you for coming!!

My boo!! I love you so much and you are truly my best friend!! Thank you for always being there and giving me such an amazing birthday, a shoulder to cry on and a ear to vent into!! You definitely came through and made my trip so great!! Sister. Best friend. Other half. Lifer!!! We been besties since kindergarten and we gonna always be besties !! I love you bitch so much!! Through the good and bad we stay true to each other! #rideordie #storyofmylife #betterdaysahead #25thbirthdayweekend #happy26babygirl

My favorite men doing what they do best!! Acting like models!!! Haha 😂 you guys are truly one of a kind and I'm so thankful I got to spend my bday with youll!!! 💋

Photobomb!! The homie!!! Xoxo! #birthdayfun #newmemories

Life gives you lemons.. and you take shots with them! Your amazing! Thank you for giving me a great birthday!! Xo #betterdaysahead #ourtable #rideordielifeship #givingupisnotanoption

New friends. New memories!! Amazing birthday!!! @calimisfit_1904

Awe♥️ my favorite men!! Thanks for making my birthday amazing friends! Xoxo @jorrysnell @calimisfit_1904 @trick_willy1 #brighterdaysahead #newmemories #nosleepteam

Jorry and I!! Happy birthday to me!! It's "our table" forever!! We the dream team!! #bigdreams #staytrue #stayyou

Happy Birthday to me!! William and I enjoying the night!! He rocking them earrings better then me!! #laughsfordays #keepinitreal #stayhavingfun

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