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Michele Kwapis  🏋 Personal Trainer

Nordic ham curl....even if you don’t have a machine you can just lock your feet in the lat pull down station and get it done!

Leg finisher today! Walking lunges with #135. It it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you.

GOALS!! Won't stop! Can't stop! Everyday is an opportunity to create a better me inside and out. #npcathlete#momswholift#strongwomen#getitdone#bebetterthanyesterday

In order to grow you need to get uncomfortable!! Don't just "go" through the challenge "grow" through it!! Physically and mentally!

The "L" sit hold.....you want a strong core try this one!! 60 seconds was challenging. #trynewthings#strongcore#npcathlete #keepgrinding#livestrong

No exercise requires the biomechanical and coordinative demands like the power clean. It’s a unique exercise that blends sudden strength, power, and coordination to build a high performance, show-and-go body.
The triple extension of your hip, knees, and ankles in a coordinated, explosive pattern simulates a similar triple extension in both sprinting and jumping.

Exercises we do the least we should do more often. I rarely see people doing the front squat. It is hard and requires greater mobility than the back squat. You have to have thoracic spine mobility to keep the chest lifted, wrist and shoulder mobility to keep the bar racked, and hip mobility to squat low and keep knees in line with toes.
Keep the weight lighter and get the proper technique. Movement patterns are just as important as the amount of weight you lift.

My coach @sarahkorny_ifbbpro
Thank you for taking me from the amateur stage to the National Stage! Couldn't have done it without you! My heart is gratefull❤️ Can't wait to see you on that PRO stage!

What an awesome experience at Master's Nationals! Placed 10th out of 17. I am excited to go home and keep training to make improvements. Thank you to my coach Sarah Kornhauser! Thank you for believing in me. We will be back next year!

Find your wings and fly! You might crash a few times but once you have your destination nothing can get in your way. Believe me, I have crashed but I just keep getting back up. Quitting is not an option!

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