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Michele Kwapis  NPC Figure Competitor

Shirts with sleeves👎

Today was about growth, both physically and mentally. 2017 was a year for me to get comfortable being uncomfortable!!
1 arm dumbell rows #90.
Never get complacent! Keep pushing yourself to be better, to be stronger, to lead by example and not let the opinions of others get in your head!

Some glute training #405 x 7🙌 always a work in progress!

Nordic ham curl....even if you don’t have a machine you can just lock your feet in the lat pull down station and get it done!

Leg finisher today! Walking lunges with #135. It it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you.

GOALS!! Won't stop! Can't stop! Everyday is an opportunity to create a better me inside and out. #npcathlete#momswholift#strongwomen#getitdone#bebetterthanyesterday

In order to grow you need to get uncomfortable!! Don't just "go" through the challenge "grow" through it!! Physically and mentally!

The "L" sit want a strong core try this one!! 60 seconds was challenging. #trynewthings#strongcore#npcathlete #keepgrinding#livestrong

No exercise requires the biomechanical and coordinative demands like the power clean. It’s a unique exercise that blends sudden strength, power, and coordination to build a high performance, show-and-go body.
The triple extension of your hip, knees, and ankles in a coordinated, explosive pattern simulates a similar triple extension in both sprinting and jumping.

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