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關穎Terri Kwan🌴🐘🍾  ~Ꭵ ᏞᎾᏉᎬ ᏆᎾ bᎬ ᎪᎠᏉᎬᏁᏆuᏒᎾus, ᎶᎬᏆᏆᎥᏁᎶ ᎳᎥᏞᎠ ᎪᏁᎠ bᎬ Ꭺ ᏞᎥᏆᏆᏞᎬ mᎥsᏟhᎥᎬᏉᎾus~ Mother of: 👧🏻Christalene Petra Chu 👶🏻Christoph Prince Chu

Hanging out with my coffee buddies~
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哥很認真想帶姐去兜風🚘 但一點都不浪漫 一直按喇叭好吵 又一直撞牆😅 下雨天麻麻也好累 這部車救了我 讓他們感覺有出去趴趴走😂
Phi unromantically taking C on a ride..with constant horning and bumping curbs..At least they can pretend to be outdoors given this wet drizzly weather day....🤣🤣🤣

Wonder who she got it from ??

看看CC的各種表情 完全沒有矜持 還給我狂笑😅
@gogomeow 姨姨做的這個影片 還給我下卡通的背景音樂 真的是讓
What da! Seeing that CC can put out so many expressions and a shameless LOL..def not as anticipated..thx Sharon for making this vid along with the OST as background music..wayyy tooo hilarious!

前一陣子麻麻有答應CC可以邀請同學來我們家玩 沒想到她第一個帶回來家裡的 是個”男”同學 把拔超傻眼 麻麻覺得已經快制不住C姐了 😂😅
Mommy promised to allow a fellow classmate to come over and play..and then CC brought home a boy at this young age..definitely testing daddy's temper..what can mommy do? 😅😂

Thank u dear @sarahmanto26 for the amazing French cuisine..luv the food & the cozy ambience!

老妹自己在美國帶兩隻小孩 可能真的已經沒招數了 玩冰塊洗生菜都可以 堅持跟兒子說中文的她 教到哪去了 連”希巴拉”都來了 過年可以回來台北跟我們小賭了😹
#Nephew James

My handsome #nephew Nicholas

👫’s dinner

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