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KUTREK  COMING BACK 👻: kutrekkin



hey guys im back. sorry i havent posted in awhile. i got a whole album on the way, im switching up. on something new. stay tuned. ❤✨❤✨


been a minute

i cant even talk i am still in disbelief this feels like a nightmare, i love you i love you i miss you your music accompanied me through some of the best and worst times of my life. i am so lucky to have been with you through the entire journey, from 10k listens on soundcloud to 10 million views on a music video, both of which werent a long time ago. you were the most generous and caring person, making music for not your own benefit but for those who were going though similar problems in their own life. less than three weeks ago i saw all of you, @bexeyswan @realhorsehead @mackned and you. the person behind the voice that i would blare on friday nights all by myself was less than 25 feet away from me, singing the songs that never failed to get me through everything thick and thin. with that voice you had the power to change lives through the words and lyrics that you sang. Im never going to forget that night or everything that you have done for me. this breaks all of our hearts, it isnt fair. you died too young right at the peak of your career. if i could do one thing right now it would be to sing crybaby n hug you one last time before everything goes wrong, i will forever regret leaving early that night. i didnt realize it would be the last time that id see you.
i know you cant see this right now but we are all beyond thankful for everything that you did amd everything that you achieved in your short life. im gonna continue what you started, your music will always be a constant reminder of all of our troubled times and what you did to keep us going. shits wack, you deserved so much more.
i love you gus, thanks for everything.
i promise you ill finish what you started.


met one of the real ones, love you @mackned keep killing it

expect more music to come in bulk very soon. i can't wait to share what i have in store. -
💖 💖 💖

here's a picture of me with my only friend


i have so much in store for all of you
be patient
i love you all

wow. 11,000 plays on SoundCloud today. I can't thank you all enough. more music is coming. I love each and every one of you.

I'm back.
the next planned release is with @officalazami
please be patient.
I love you all.


new song out now. this is my first collab with kurokami and cr4ckhe4d. enjoy


miami was lit :) shoutout to the brothers who support me all the way


18 days until my dreams become reality


4.4.17 is on it's way. Can't wait to share my best work with all of you :)

much love

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