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Kuu Ruum  Inspired by the sea and tea. • Conscious lifestyle brand enchanting Your inner beauty🔮 created by Elina Naan • Estonia>Worldwide • Online store↡


The essence! #kuuruum

@minnasild won this Kuu black oak bracelet as a gift here in Instagram...looking at this hands emotions, I'd say she's more than happy🙈😂❤️ #kuuruum #visitruhnu

Time out zone in the countryside! On Monday new unisex manifestation necklaces (only 5 available!) ready to move in with You!🙌🏼💜🔮 #kuuruum

Throwback to @intsikurmufestival ❤️
Where I was wearing my 3 years old black oak mala by Kuu, still serves me well, hopefully vice versa :) #kuuruum #intsikurmu2017 #morethananecklace
📷 by @egleloit

..deeper! #kuuruum

Makes me smile when Kuu Unicorns find their true new unique home🙌🏼🦄🔮 #kuuruum #unicornchoker

You have to say goodbye, so You can say hello again! #kuuruum #sunset #visitestonia

With some cosmic help I have created 5 unisex necklaces, keeping in mind that they will have the power of guiding us through this chaotic August and emotional September.
They each are knotted together with those huge raw mountain crystals to clear our minds and hold our heart and intensions pure!
I haven't decided if I upload them online or share here, but I will make up my mind tonight, promise!
Who needs magical wands to study love?❤️ #kuuruum

yes🙌🏼 #kuuruum via @nayyirah.waheed

SOLD! (update)
Only one Unicorn choker available!
Ps: this necklace is adjustable, meaning You can wear it as a choker or loose it down to compliment Your look!🦄 #kuuruum #unicornchoker

Packing Kuu little babies so they can travel and start a new life!🙌🏼
3 Unicorn Chokers available! DM or contact via webpage (link in bio) if You need wings of love!🦄🦄🦄 #kuuruum #unicornchoker

Hope everyone can start their week like this Unicorn of ours😍🐳 #kuuruum #unicornchoker #vitaminsea
Looking🔥 @annasaar

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