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This post is for the folks that have adopted black children and may have questions on how to take care of their hair and for those who may just have questions on how they should go about taking care of their hair.
I'll start off that everyone's hair is different so there may not be one solution for all situations. What this is for is to help people make sure they're not using harmful products/ingredients which can lead to further damage hair. For example when I was younger I was trying to get my wave game on and would cake on Lusters 360 pomade. Of course I didn't know better all I knew is I wanted waves so I figure the more the better but what I was doing was damaging my scalp and hair follicle because of the ingredients in the product is petroleum.
Petroleum/petrolatum is an ingredient that should be avoided when hair care products are being selected. Reason why is that substance actually blocks the hair follicle from growth. Though it appears to give hair shine, it actually dries your hair out making it difficult for moisture to get to the hair. Especially living in a state as dry as Utah, moisture is vital for black skin and hair. Also keep in mind that even though shampooing and conditioning is important to treating the hair that it should only be done 1 to 2 times a week any more can cause the scalp and hair become even more dry, but moisturizing the hair should be done daily.
With all that said the easiest advice I can give is to read the ingredients to the products you're choosing. Keep in mind the more natural the ingredients the better. Look for oils such as olive, coconut, amla, castor, and shea butter. These products allow the hair to breathe, prevent breakage, and promote hair growth among other benefits. These are some of the products I've used in the past that I've had good experience with: Shea Moisture, even though the looking real foolish with their recent ad they do provide a good source of natural care for black hair. Their lines of shampoo, conditioners, and moisturizers are good to stand by. I also liked ORS Olive Oil, I used their shampoo and wasn't too sold on it but again this comes down to what each individual likes. Cont. in comment

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