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supergirl account💕 #idontmind  hi i am still alive but i moved to a different account @nxnsensical

hi everyone! i know i haven’t posted in a really long time and there’s a reason why! i started a new account called @nxnsensical and i edit on it! so now i make my own edits and i don’t repost others! i really do love this account but i’m not quite sure if i’ll post on it anymore... just know i am alive but on another account!

i wanted to sincerely apologize bc i have literally said so many times that i’d start posting again but i haven’t and i’m still gaining followers and i wanted to let you guys know ily❤️❤️

#cutekaramelsmemecontest ((here’s my edit for @cutekaramel ‘s meme contest! i had to repost bc i forgot my watermark lol))




okay last post of this theme💛
cr: @benoistan

kara’s most important relationship💕
cr: @benoistan

“we should keep our eyes on the sky right now” NO SWEETIE KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR MAN😍
cr: @benoistan

and for once, i really made this set match lol😂

i think i’m going to change themes after these nexts posts...

look at me, i’m finally posting, what a shock😂

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