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Kute Audios  Editing audios - Owners in the following!:)


Ok so my audios are basic af so I actually tried editing it for once lmao
Anyways in case you were wondering who these gay af looking man hoes are,,, it's gadreel and his best friend Abner and Abner fell and became human and had a family and Gadreel looks broKEN AND I INTERPRET THAT AS GAY SO IDK ANYWAYS SORRY FOR THE LONG ASS CAP THAT'S ALL BYeBYE
*if you read this far imma just shamelessly self promote @gabnerr the acc for these two gays okay bye*

heyheyhey thanks for 10.1k 💕
give us some audio ideas yall :))

ThANKS SO MUCH FOR 10k! Enjoy this little audio I made to say thanks. I love you guys. -
{paige | @showmetheeditz }{#kuteaudios }

Yall this was one of the first songs I used to edit to :')

another plot twist audio! - on the low - logic (ft. kid ink & trinidad)
- hayley | @starrygrimes
- #kuteaudios

10 seconds (looped)
Give cred! :) -Ellie (@succmyjackles)

#audios #audioloop #kuteaudios #music

The only time ruby looked not evil AND SHE WAS STILL EVIL FUCK
Ava ( @gadvak )

Wow they were so amazing together I loved th Em so much PLEASE TELL ME I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE
Yall if you make any kind of spn edit with this yall should tAG ME OK I'M EMO
Ib xpurity
Ava (@gadvak)

Don't mind the transition that failed to render but enjoy. Oh and if you use a cas edit with this I'll kms honestly. Bye. -
{paige || @showmetheeditz }{#kuteaudios}


Always liked night better than day anyway 😤😤
Lowkey loops? ?
*edited and looped*

[7.04 seconds]
- @succstiel

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