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U K K E P U C K.  ...🚬 smoke ✖ till you get dizzy 🚬... .NON-BINARY. He/him. 🔥je pèse dans le game!🔥

Je pèse dans le game!

I don't do hangovers

Un petit peu bourrée! Un petit peu ambiance! Un petit peu croissant! Un petit peu grande bière! Un petit peu petit bière!

Hey, gaat niet goed zo he?

Dit keer ben ik hipper dan je vader.

Het was een wazige, maar super gezellige avond!

I tried to figure it out but nothing was coming to mind
Remembered all my mistakes
But the memories made me smile
I told the one that I loved that love would mean letting me go
Even though I was afraid
You gotta do some things on your own

In order to save myself i must destroy first the me i was told to be.

I love you so much, I'm staying here all night
Don't want to get up, I don't want to stop, I don't want to close my eyes
I'd rather not give a fuck and end up with some scars
The night's just long enough for me to build it all and let it fall apart

He was a stranger in his own life, a tourist in his own body.

Some girls start crying, some girliez run away
I'm like 'huh what the fuck man okay'
Just relax yourself baby, its gonna be okay
It's not my fault I was born dis way

Komt die rook uit je peuk of ben jij nou zo heet?

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