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Kustom Kontrollerz  We make custom PS3/4 & XBOX 360/One controllers and wraps! Check out our website and contact us for any questions! We do it all! #TeamKustomz


Repost from @snoopdogg
I see ya Snoop! Madden Beef going ham! We got that Madden Beef Xbox One controller for ya once ya ready!And did I just see @nicknpattiwhack_ & @danrue?! Looks like we might need to link up soon! Cc: @ocsneakerking

Repost from @snoopdogg
I see you Unc w/ the Gold @Steelers and Make America Crip Again Kustom Kontrollerz! Handing out whoopins on @eamaddennfl 18! 😂🎮 On top of that using @djskee team the @vikings to get the W!
Cc: @redgrant

More available! Hit us up if you wanna get one too! All handpainted by @ocsneakerking

Starting 2018 the right way! Announcing our collab w/ @oddfuture! All limited edition, handpainted, free shipping and 1 year warranty! For more info, send us a DM for the link! #oddfuture #tylerthecreator #ofwgkta #golfwang

Looking for custom kicks?! Look no further! Check out @ocsneakerking and his collection of custom kicks! Get your very own unique shoe! Rep your favorite team or superhero! #customkicks #Steelers #Batman #Angels #dodgers #crazy #custom #shoes #nike #converse #snoopdogg #maddenbeef #superhero #anahiemducks #anahiem #LA #stephencurry #warriors

‪Let's all #MakeAmericaCripAgain! Exclusive collab w/ @SnoopDogg only 50 being made! Get yours today! All come w/ custom cases & 1yr warranty! Don't sleep on it! #MACA ♿️ #SnoopDogg #makeamericacripagain‬ (LINK IN BIO)

I wanna thank both @djskee and @youngsagg20 for not only allowing me to create a Kustom Kontrollerz for @snoopdogg but have the honor of meeting him! Him and his people showed me nothing but love! Thank you again and enjoy that @steelers @xbox one Kustom Kontrollerz Unk! #SnoopDogg #MakeAmericaCripAgain #MACA

Happy gday to the big bro @losangelesconfidential @vipvstheworld was blessed to attend his show backstage and collab w/ him...grew up as a fan and never knew this would happen! Remember you telling me...keep it 💯 w/ me and I'll do the same & that's how it's always gonna be! So I'm wishing ya nothing but love and positive vibes! From both myself and @ocsneakerking we hope you have a blessed one! (Just wait for the next batch we have in the works for him! 😎) #VIPKustomz #VIPGang #TeamKustomz

Get your limited edition Kustom Kontrollerz shirts and hoodies now!!! In collab w/ @hype.gg Dont miss out! And if you want a certain colorway just let us know! More apparel dropping every week!!! (DM for the link!)

(SWIPE LEFT) 👉🏽Even tho the @Dodgers didn't win the #worldseries this is still the home team and we still celebrate! Custom painted #Dodgers themed Kustom Kontrollerz by @ocsneakerking using @angelusdirect paint from start to finish! If your a fan make sure to share it! Cc: @dodgersmemes @dodgerspride @hyunjinryu325 @dodgersfoundation

‪Announcing new collaboration w/ @BeatBillionaire 🙌🏾 get your exclusive Kustom Kontrollerz today! https://www.etsy.com/listing/561434835/beat-billionaire-exclusive-kustomhttps://www.etsy.com/listing/561434835/beat-billionaire-exclusive-kustom #BDM #MMG

Coming soon...@SnoopDogg Madden Beef! Who else is hyped about it?! Date is TBA but we will be releasing exclusive Kustom Kontrollerz for the tournament for players and fans!Stay tuned...@youngsagg20 @losangelesconfidential @vipvstheworld @walefolarin @everybluemoon.co @warreng @wizkhalifa @chevywoods @hahadavis @redgrant #Madden18 #MaddenBeef #CelebrityTournament

Another #kustomkontrollerz in the books! Handpainted by @ocsneakerking for @infamous_iink and hand delivered too! Glad you loved it! And gotta thank @__aboveandbeyond_ for such a dope concept! Two toned w/ a detailed Tattoo machine & spilled ink! What ya think @flaminginkbone? #Tattoo #Ink #TeamKustomz #Ocsneakerking #Handpainted

Here is a @anaheimducks themed Kustom Kontrollerz handpainted by @ocsneakerking for @parker_bobb 🎮 everyone keeps thinking it's a sticker, naw that's just detail! Where are my #Ducks fans at?! #anaheimducks @the_rinks #MightyDucks #kustomkontrollerz #TeamKustomz

Congrats to @FloydMayweather for becoming 50-0 & celebrating his undefeated streak we wanna celebrate w/ limited edition Kustom Kontrollerz

To show love to @djkhaled & to @asahdkhaled for not only his collab w/ @jumpman23 but as well as #Grateful going Platinum I present 3 designs that would be amazing display pieces!

So happy to link up w/ Dan the Man @nampaikid from Vine! Had us created a GameCube Kustom Kontrollerz via inspired by Super Smash Bros! Handpainted by @ocsneakerking & making it our first of many customized GameCube controllers! #TeamKustomz

S/O to @ewinracing our great partners for the gaming chair! We love it! Next is to make a matching Kustom Kontrollerz and having @ocsneakerking paint the logo right in the middle! We gotta work on getting a all red one for @losangelesconfidential @vipvstheworld asap for his gaming set up! #TeamKustomz #ewingamingchair

Like I've been telling everyone @meekmill album #WinsAndLosses is slept on! Even the boss @richforever will agree! Meek put his heart into this one! #MMG #DreamChasers

Im feelin like Kobe! So blessed to hit 24! Crazy to learn I wasnt supposed to live past 8, then 15 and now I'm here healthier than ever! Got the pleasure of winning a car from @tailopez & see how he lived then collabed w/ @losangelesconfidential @vipvstheworld one of my favorite rappers! All I can say is life is good! 🎮

Happy #4thofjuly everyone! Get your exclusive Kustom Kontrollerz & celebrate your independence the right way! Everyone gets 15% off and all Vets & Military get 30% off w/ proof! Sale ends on the 15th so don't miss out! #fourthofjuly #independenceday #gamer #kustomkontrollerz

S/O to Game and to be able to do this for one of my favorite rappers was a HUGE milestone! One of the coolest people I've ever met & happy to close a partnership w/ him so many exclusives coming this summer y'all aren't ready! Make sure to follow my partner @ocsneakerking as well!
Repost from @losangelesconfidential using @RepostRegramApp - Ain't nothing fuckin wit it..... my @kustomkontrollerz platinum .45 caliber Xbox one elite controller 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #kustomkontrollerz #vipgang [& you ain't even seen the rest 😱] #vipvstheworld #VIPKustomz

Met @ninachantele at @betexperience What a pleasure! Keep it locked into @real923la #Real923 #BETX

Repost from @milktyson 🎮🚨REPOST THIS & TAG IN COMMENTS !🎮🚨 Meet Prestun, 7, with stage 4 neuroblastoma, no cure! This is my 2nd time seeing him at the Ronald Mcdonald House in NYC & i've seen him in Floridia. When diagnosed he had an abdomen tumor removal,
doing 6 cycles of chemo , 14 cycles of radiation , 9 cycles of antibody. 2014 he relapsed, had major brain surgery to remove tumor. He did high dose ice chemo. 2 more cycles of chemo, he did 15 cycles of radiation to his spine , 10 cycles of radiation to his brain , 2 more cycles of antibodies , and an vaccine trial, then September 2016 they found another tumor in his brain. Prestun again did another major brain surgery and the tumor was removed! Now let's get to how we can help our FAM!!! 🎮 🎮 Prestun loves video games! 🎮 🎮 He has used games to cope w/ pain & misery of being stuck in the hospital! His mom believes it helped him thrive and gave him strength for another day! Look, video games are loved by millions. People from all walks of life play every single day, hours on hours. Most kids I meet want to meet a celeb or go to Disney, not Prestun! Prestun wants to live & breathe these video games! He wants to see where & how they are made, get more, get clothes from these companies, meet people who love them as much as him etc! I personally don't know much about video games but I know our FAM can make anything happen! To think.. his family lets him play some of the more violent games at times rated mature because his cancer is not curable & he may never reach that age is sad. It's what makes him happy & being happy is how he's gonna beat cancer! My friend @kustomkontrollerz is gonna help organize this! I want you to reach out to all the major video game companies & see what they can do to make our boy Prestuns dream come true! We are also looking for all @gamestop cards & any clothes / merch associated! Basically if it's video game anything it's part of this mission! @losangelesconfidential @activisionpublishing @nintendo @playstation @xbox TAG any and all big gamers, youtube accounts etc below! Let's show this family they aren't alone! This is OUR THING! #FA

Myself & @ocsneakerking had the pleasure of meeting @lakers @larrydn7 & delivered a one of a kind @chelseafc themed Xbox One Kustom Kontrollerz & he loved it! Hope to do more w/ him down the road! #LakeShow #kustomkontrollerz

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