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• kusilia •  Only Bojack gets me. @kusiliathesciencebitch

"Your heart is tender, so you protect it from people, but sometimes you open up a wall and it’s incredible."
- Princess Caroline

It breaks my heart to see you go, but it fills me with joy that you'll come back to your second home and second family in the future!
I'm gonna miss ya so much @yeshmaan you badass motherfucker! Having you around the past few years has been an absolute pleasure and joy!
I'm so excited for your future back home, and wish nothing but times filled with love and excitement 😘😘😘😘
(@nickkdante photo skillz)

There is literally no one who could even compare to you.
I feel so honoured that I have been able to know you, your entire life.
Truely the funniest, kindest, smartest, incredibly talented and most beautiful person I know.
You make this world so incredible.
I love you darling, happy birthday.

I just wanna smoosh your fucking face so god damn bad #missingthesquad


I fucking love this jacket.

The two most handsome boys I've ever met ❣️ #blessyoursmooshyfaces

When ya boy Li Li is home, everything is better 👌🏻

All I want is choc soy milk, weed and no responsibilities.
All I have is responsibilities, and no weed and no choc soy milk.

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