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• kusilia •  Only Bojack gets me. @kusiliathesciencebitch for world commentary.

There is literally no one who could even compare to you.
I feel so honoured that I have been able to know you, your entire life.
Truely the funniest, kindest, smartest, incredibly talented and most beautiful person I know.
You make this world so incredible.
I love you darling, happy birthday.

I just wanna smoosh your fucking face so god damn bad #missingthesquad


I fucking love this jacket.

The two most handsome boys I've ever met ❣️ #blessyoursmooshyfaces

When ya boy Li Li is home, everything is better 👌🏻

All I want is choc soy milk, weed and no responsibilities.
All I have is responsibilities, and no weed and no choc soy milk.

I spend a lot of time with the real me and believe me,
Nobody's gonna love that guy -BJH

You can call me LL Cool Jay, cause I'm the house
- Bojack
#dawhitehouse #doyougetit

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