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Happy Valentines Day everyone. I was lucky enough to wake up next to my Valentine. Can't thank you enough for being there for me through all the rough times and believing in me with all of my silly dreams. On to the next one! This is us on our way back from Cali. Took the long way home and swung through Ventura and San Francisco. #valentinesday #ventura #unedited #nofilter

All shoveled out. Shows how much there really was. #snowday #kettlefalls #ohmyachingback

Over a foot in one night. Got three more days of it coming up. Ny chopping block is to the right of the shed for a pretty good reference. Now debating making a snowman in the park for everyone. #snowday #kettlefalls #mountainlife #unedited #nofilter

Back to mountain life. Made it back a while ago. Lol guess I shoulda said something. #crackkills

Come on down to the Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park and get some last minute gifts from the one and only @kosmickrystals! Or just come kick it with me! #spanishvillageartcenter #balboapark #sandiego #california

See you soon California! Any prayers for our safe arrival are much appriciated! #gonnabeasketchyone

20 mins from the front door. #winter #snow #shermanpeak #unedited #nofilter

My little fire type 🔥😍 #ichooseyou

Our last little excursion before the snow hits was a good one. This is just a little taste of what we were into. That biggest crystal is about the size of a dime. Multiple versions of barite are all over this old decomissioned mine. Even found some low grade flourite. Will be starting a Youtube channel soon, so if you want to really see what we do on our adventures you will have to follow. I will post a link when it's ready. #barite #rockhounding #crystals #flagstaffmine #unedited #nofilter

This is what I'm up to most of the time now. #incaseyouwerewondering

The bartender is hangin up his dishrag. We'll see ya next year! #happyhalloween