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Went and saw the old foundations before the lake covers them back up. On another note we are starting the scheduel change this weekend and I got assigned to the north grounds. I will be maintaining 3 campgrounds singlehanded for 3 days out of the week. My assigned partner will meet me on Wedsnday and finish out the week. Pretty impressive how much thry trust me after just one month of working. What does that tell ya? #hardworkpaysoff #kettlefalls #sunken #foundations #americanhistory #lakerooseveltnationalrecreationarea #unedited #nofilter

Check this out. Was lucky enough to see the first substantial wind come down the river after all this rain has helped the forest pollenate, and this happened!! I thought a fire was breaking out at first glance until I noticed the color. Sufficed to say we had some pretty boogers last night. Lol #giffordferry #giffordcampground #pollenstorm #unedited #nofilter

Treated myself to a new toy. I have needed to do this for a long time. #stihl #fs40c #twostroke #madeingermany #unedited #nofilter

Tomorrow we are wrapping up our MOCC and doing our testing. #lakeroosevelt #nationalparksservice #mocc #boatingclass #makingmoves #mybeautifuloffice #unedited #nofilter

I am already making friends 🐻 This guy was found wandering around the campgrounds while we were raking yesterday and he must have smelled the deer carcass in the "boneyard" and ended up finding him there today. He just hung out all day there. If he doesn't find his way outta here when he is done eating that then we will habe Fish&Wildlife come relocate him. Might have to do it soon depended on this whole govt. shutdown. 😑 We find out on Friday. #lakeroosevelt #nationalparksservice #namedhimbruce #blackbear #unedited #nofilter

First day made me feel alive. I can't even express to you how blessed I feel to be able to call all this my office this season. I knew sonething was around the corner, just didn't think it would be this great. Have an incredible team to work with and am excited to build some friendships. And the hour commute isn't too shabby when it's this beautiful. Cheers to getting out of a slump 🍻 and another to the great season ahead! #lakeroosevelt #nationalparksservice #atyourduty #erosion #mrcarmack #unedited #nofilter

Looking forward to it too Mick! #goodnews #letsdothis

I am a 1/4th of a century old today. Thanks for dinner @kosmickrystals Had a nice day relaxing.

Hey all. Here is what's been going down in my life. Spent the winter looking for work, did any small jobs I could take. Got hired at a lumbermill for a day and got let go at the end of the day because she read my drug test wrong. Swallowed that pill and moved on. Took care of a kitty and she ended up becoming a member of the family. To keep sane, Kellie and I tried to keep to the outdoors and that is becoming more frequent as weather gets better. Finally got offered a job as a laborer at the Fort Spokane campground and am very excited to say I am now an official United States government employee. I'll be having a one hour commute and we start at 6:30AM so I'll be having some early mornings. Now I am just waiting for my start date of April 17 and enjoying my time off while it lasts. I have started our vegetable garden from seed and they are going to grow indoors until May. Was a long and tough winter, but I survived and I think it's going to lead to a very prosporous summer. I posted a few of my most recent stuff. Swipe to see more.

When people ask if I dab... lololol wore a hole straight through my banger. Probably cause I blast it with MAP gas. Oh well, on to the next one. #ogquavebanger #quaveclubbangers #ontothenextone #unedited #nofilter

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