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.. Post surgery was even worse, she couldn’t feed or hold Aislah. I had to take over feeding and caring for the baby since the surgery would leave her in extreme pain, and an open wound on her chest that she would have to dress over the next couple weeks until the infection was under control. I remember our highlight, Aislah slept 4 hours, and my wife said it must felt good.. I couldn’t believe going to work on 4 hours of sleep was a good thing but it was an improvement from 2-3 hrs. Church family, family, & friends would come during the day and care for Aislah and I would take over after work until I returned. Once Jewel was able to bear the pain she began holding our baby again and once she was off antibiotics she was faced with a new challenge, breast feeding with only one breast. My wife was determined to breast feed, to do what was best for Aislah. At first it was not quite enough and we continued to supplement with formula until she healed completely, and my wife decided bravely to tackle it all on her own. Aislah Rose Kurzer is now 3-1/2 months and we were all doing fantastic! Up until last night my wife began having pain around the surgery area and we will be faced again with another challenge. So as we sit here we are thankful to have gotten to experience normal and also hope this next challenge will soon be behind us. Aislah is as diverse as they come, a mix heritage from Germany, Scotland, Arabian, & Filipino. She has a solid full head of jet black hair, doe eyes, and strongly defined facial features. Dad says she has amazing eye brow control often on display when she is displeased. To Aislah’s credit, she’s been a trooper through it all. Rarely cries and complains. She always restores our hope and joy with her smiles. She reminds us it’s all worth it. Her dreams, what ever they may be, now will be our dreams. #GerberPhotoSearch2018 prt 2 | #AislahRose🌹

.. I’m not exactly sure what qualifies a baby to deserve an award, I suppose it’s just the effort put forth by the parents to earn them recognition. Aislah Rose is a sweetie but she is a fighter and both her and her parents faced adversity.
Aislah’s Father, myself had many of the pregnancy symptoms, sensitive to smell, sickness, even before I was aware my wife was pregnant. I was even hospitalized for stroke symptoms, “you can not die” my wife Jewel told me, “you are going to be a dad.” I said I knew I would be some day, and she interrupted, “we are having a baby!” After several months of going in and out of the hospital I just wanted to live so I could be a dad and a good husband so we could get through this. Then came Aislah! After a very tough delivery, things turned for the worse very quickly. Aislah had to be admitted to the NICU a day after we came home for critical jaundice levels. Though it’s common, it is frightening to new parents. Her levels had rocketed towards critical levels and we were facing the possibility of needing a transfusion. We spent the first evening in the ER before we were transferred to to the NICU for intense photo therapy, 4 lights and blanket. The whole incubator was lined with tin foil, it was we were relieved to know her levels plateau’d and we could rest. We spent the next week in the NICU, not able to hold our baby as they tried to get her levels under control and we tried to regain strength and get our milk supply levels high enough to meet her needs. Hour by hour we worked and planned together to try to just get our family back together and experience some kind of normal. We were finally released from the hospital to only return a week later with a new patient, my wife. Jewel has fought so hard to try to regain strength, overcome pain from birth due to tearing, and now a severe case of mastitis. Things turned for the unimaginable and Jewel had to have an emergency surgery to open her breast and drain the infection..... #GerberPhotoSearch2018 part 1| #AislahRose🌹

One of my hobbies I gave up for love.. it’s costly to race, dangerous, and my desire was to see my wife.. if your boyfriend won’t give up what he loves for you he loves it more than you and you should move on!
Jewel never asked but maturity rises up and says otherwise..
Now we enjoy riding together ❤️Sometimes things need to be laid aside for a season.. #kurzerlove @mischejewel

I’ve waited for this moment. My princess has arrived. I can gaze at her forever........ #AislahRose🌹 #theKurzersgrow👶🏻

Jewel had told me that her water had broke morning of July 11th and I was excited! After a long drive home to meet them in the hospital, only to find out after two tests, that her water hadn’t broken, I was saddened.. I was looking forward to meeting her already and holding her in my arms and letting her fall asleep on my chest ❤️ I was really sad, I was ready. Jewel still wanted the 25th, but I wanted my girl already!

So we were sent back home, (the video posting happened and Jewel went to the store). It happened to be her 38 week check up as well that afternoon so she went to the OBGYN a couple hours later and guess what, they confirmed that her water did break and back to the hospital we went! (I was painting in the basement when Jewel called, because that’s what I do, just work harder through things and distract myself from it)... Well Jewel pulled back up into the drive way and she asked me if I check my phone.. I looked puzzled to her I imagine. A bit concerned and scared for my life, my girl, what was going on?

Nope, I was painting.. couldn’t get to it.. “We’re having the baby today, my water really is broke! But I have no pain..” Well Jewel finally got her stuff around that I had been asking her to pack for at least two weeks (I felt it coming/I had all the pregnancy symptoms.. lol) So why not I be right on! Well when I heard the words she was coming I was amped excited!! Back to the hospital we went!

And now, here we are. Nobody anticipated the extended stay at the hospital, but Praise the Lord, we were finally able to take little miss Princess Aislah to her castle!🏡👑🕊 #aislahrose🌹 #Rosewoodcastle

My AmerAsian dream GIRLS come true...🇺🇸🇵🇭 #Happy4th #MyWife #Bumpshell🤰🏻#soon🎀

Getting to watch my wife do her stretches today was a treat! This is what I miss while I’m working.🙃 Just another reason to want to stay home all week! Thank you for taking care of your tent hunnie, looking pretty good at 6.5 months!😮 Won’t be long and our lil baby 👶 will be crawling around with you!!!😘

My wife wanted burgers and I wanted breakfast, so we got breakfast burgers :p #iTried

If you have the opportunity this weekend.. Watch: “I Can Only Imagine”

That’s all I have to say..

Happy President’s Day ‘Merica! #tb #mtrushmore #southdakota

Brother’s Bachelor Party

The quantity of our “No’s” determine the quality of our “Yes’s”.
We often get caught up in trying to be good all the time that we rarely achieve greatness.. if we stop trying to please everyone, slow down and put in quality time, we will build healthier & stronger relationships.. We don’t have to do everything, everywhere, all-the-time.. in fact if we step back to enjoy the quiet time and truly rest..... sigh.... then we will have more to offer and will take more out of the fewer things we embark upon. #restfortheweary #restformysoul #qualitytime #qualityoverquantity #peaceofmind #psalms23

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