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  Youth Pastor at Saddleback Church. Enjoying the ride.

Please let this be fake news or @_yoac will never let me hear the end of it!

Now and then someone will ask me what my writing/creative process looks like: Day 1 of a fun new project with @theyouthcartel. Impressed?

Oceans 4.

Snake feeding time at JH small group...I took this picture standing as far away as humanly possible.

Jesus take the wheel.

This little picture is one of the most significant of my entire career. While spending the day with the youth pastors from our campuses, we asked everybody who had grown up in our ministry to stand....SEVENTEEN men and women now serving in vocational youth ministry at saddleback actually grew up in our youth group!

Face time with our youth pastors from @symbuenosaires and @symhongkong !!

I had no idea selfies have been around so long.

January 21 is my birthday and...in a cruel twist of fate...also national hugging day.

"The Canteen" is our new student-friendly bookstore and Snack Shack...well done, @hannypotter !!

Haven't posted in a while, so...socks.