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The love of my life. My Valentine ❤ Dayanna @cocuccid

Mt Hood is having an amazing snow year. Palmer snowfield/glacier will have plenty snow this summer for the snowboard camps. You can see the TimberLine's Mile and Palmer chair lift. #MtHood #timberlinelodge #mthoodmeadows @timberlinelodge #timberlinelodge #palmerglacier #snowboarding

Night out with wifey @cocuccid

2012 I was feeding the bird by placing bread on my head. #BirdMan #Whistler backcountry #Rainbow #birdistheword thanks Tim for the photo @timpeare

😳🙈I can't wait for the next pow day. For you fruit booters now you can make fun again. Be the kook on the hill and blow out your knees. ☠️ #kneeboarding #sledlegs #kook #fruitbooter #rollerblades #snowblades

😳#Costco #pizza 💩

Thanks Kevin Nimick and EVO Portland Oregon for the Fresh Fish. This is a 2017 reissue of the orignal 1992 JEFF BRUSHIE Burton board. The orignal 92 Brushie Trout is one of the most iconic graphics and a must have for snowboard collectors. @kevinnimick @evoportland #EVOportland @jeffbrushie #JeffBrushie @burtonsnowboards #burtonsnowboards #vintagesnowboards

🎯 ❄️I'm always playing jokes on my wife. I don't know how she puts up with me. ❤️ Dayanna @cocuccid #coño #actyourage #babybaby

🎯🏄I demoed the new 2017 Jones Snowboards "Storm Chaser" 147cm. This board was designed by surfboard shaper Chris Christenson, Chris makes amazing surfboard shapes. The fist thing I noticed that it was super fast and light. Board floats really good in powder for a 147cm because it's wider than a standard snowboard. Board outline had a tapered shape with wider nose and narrower tail this keeps your nose up In powder. Board has spoon nose. What I really liked was nose transition was long and gradual without being too tall. I loved how responsive and effortless it was to ride in deep powder. Board rides pretty good on the groomers. 👍👍🏄❄️💯 @jonessnowboards @chris_christenson73 @jeremyjones #StormChaser #JonesSnowboards #powsurfing @timberlinelodge #Timberlodge #MtHood #snowboarding