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黒ウサギ KuroUsagi  Male 🎨 Sado lazy hand Maso abs hand Full-time Derpy Rabbit Current amount of ATs: 1 (Just ask me thru DM for ATs!) OC tag: #kurousagi_oc




Im procrastinating again-
Eyes are not meant for him
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Welp doodled this to do smth different from sch work 🙃
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Its da floof children 🐰
Trisca belongs to @whalesharkollie
Hiroaki belongs to me
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I like this child 🐰
Laetitia belongs to @aruuri uvu
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Name: Nevada Ishard
Gender: Male
Species: Ice Spirit
Age: ?? (Over hundreds of years old)
Personality: Nevada is an honest individual who is protective of his people. He prefers doing things his own way or feels that is right.He is also free sprited and could sometimes be unpredictable with his actions.
Country of ruling: Alces
Alignment: Chaotic Good
- Magi with water element of freezing point (Basically ice)
- Able to create weapons using his ice ability
- Change size
- Create blizzards
- Creating too many weapons in a small duration decreases his energy
- Creating blizzards decreases his stamina (According to the duration he have decided on making them last)
I have no clue what have I typed and I feel like some things are kinda contradictory 😫
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AT with @kmc_ii!
Hope that you liked it! 🙇🙇
#oc #arttrade

//Covers mistakes with lots of luminosity 💦💦
This child belongs to @yorusagi
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Finally finished one after so many weeks _(:3_||_)_
This kiddo belongs to @pandimoniac
#oc #random #pandikunsocs_lai

Something from some time ago uvu
Lines by @tai_hato
Colouring by me meep
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I finally completed this //Rolls

Ryo belongs to @7kh_lee2
Asami belongs to me uvu
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The colours look different on the phone
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Name: Reizo
Age: 21
Date of Birth: 3 April
Height: 180cm
Race: Rhinoceros
Class: Ravager
Occupation: Adventurer
Personality: When Reizo interacts with others, he would use a gentlemanly(?) tone. He mainly does this to get people to feel more comfortable around him and get them to spill information. Overtime, he lost his personality and now, he is more of an emotionless husk. He also doesn’t actually think much about his own health and safety much or at all.

In work(?) situation, Reizo always does his job to perfection and doesn’t allow himself to fail or lose. But if he did, he will be hard on himself and train harder than usual, shutting himself away from others for a period of time. However, this usually causes his health to deplete faster than usual. .
- Uses a battle axe as weapon
- Ability to use shadow element for status effect like prevention of movements for a while, etc.
- Limited vision, almost/pretty much blind in one eye
- Not very good at evading attacks
- Knowledgeable
- Head-on attacks are his preference
Likes: Success, Better in terms of both strength and knowledge
Dislikes: Obstructions to his goals
- Would only think about his goals, locking any unnecessary emotions away
- Would ignore anybody’s well-being (Even his own) to achieve his desires
- Acts to care
- Body gains a lot of scars over the years due to bad evasion skills
- Probably the only person that knows about his emotionless side is Kouki
Backstory and full bio can be found here:
My IF OCs are all pretty much adventurers 🤔 Great creativity 🌈
On a certain level, I dont like how I created this guy but eh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
#reizo_rhino #if_kurousakun #if_characters #kurousagi_oc #anime #animedrawing #アニメ #oc

Name: Kouki
Age: ?? Appears 18
Date of Birth: 2 Feb
Height: 178cm
Race: Half demon, half human
Class: Rogue
Occupation: Adventurer
Personality: Kouki's personality can be summarized into one word: Dork. He’s a carefree person who fools around a lot. He usually doesn't take things seriously and likes having fun. Even though he's like that, he's still pretty observant with others' emotion. He would always try to liven up the mood when the atmosphere feels heavy.
- Uses hands/claws as weapons
- Possesses shadow and light (More of shadow, less of light)
- Good at stealth
- Slightly more enhanced than human ablities
- Power level not very high though
Likes: Strange things, disturbing others, stealing for fun, being retarded, surprising others, clothes that seem like more than one layer but is actually not
Dislikes: Heavy atmosphere
- Steals for fun, however would most of the time return the items (There are times where he doesnt)
- Usual up in trees, observing people
- Might pop up seemingly out of nowhere to surprise others
-Mother's a human with light magic while father's a demon with shadow magic
- Most of his genes are from his father due to demon genes being stronger than human genes
- Tongue is red instead of pink
- Sticks his tongue out quite a number of times in a playful way
- Ages a lot slower than humans, not immortal
Backstory and full bio can be found here:
I already thought of how hes like and stuff, just havent typed it out in proper sentences _:(´ཀ`」 ∠)_
Rip quality for close ups
#kouki_demon #if_kurousakun #if_characters #kurousagi_oc #anime #animedrawing #アニメ #oc

Name: Azuma
Age: ?? (He's old)
Date of Birth: 6 June
Height: 182cm
Race: Devil
Occupation: Adventurer
Personality: Azuma's a hot-headed devil. He gets easily irritated and pissed which could lead to violence. (Usually punching or kicking) There are rare times where he is calm which allows him to think more logically. He is not fond of leading but is able to do so in times of need.
- Able to control electricity (Mainly used to enhance his weapon)
- Fly (Only when his wings are huge)
Weapon: Zweihänder
- Has enhanced abilities of a normal average human
Likes: Spicy food, quiet places
Dislikes: Salt (It burns his skin), (awkward) silence between people, Screams of agony
- Has grumpy expression 24/7
- He has 'X' in his red eye and 'V' in his yellow eye (Both blue) - He has usually high body temperature (So he can be a warmer lmao)
- His wings can become a lot larger but he prefers keeping them small for convenience
- Has a habit of putting his hand on his shoulder or neck
- Has naturally warm body temperature, and he radiates heat when he's irritated or embarrassed (Usually caused by irritation)
- Stopped aging, so immortal in terms of age
Backstory and full bio can be found here:
Redid his reference sheet cus the sharp chin was bothering me 🙃
Rip missed out the metal thing on the belt of his shoulder plate thing
#azuma_xv #if_kurousakun #if_characters #kurousagi_oc #anime #animedrawing #アニメ

Merry Christmas even tho its over now _(:3_||_)_
Honeycomb belongs to @wanpuccino
Noboru belongs to me
?¿How bg?¿
#honeyboru #oc #kurousagi_oc

Its floof bun children genderbended _(:3_||_)_
#floofbunnies #oc #kurousagi_oc #gushikenhiroaki #具志堅広朗

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