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More laziness to colour 🙃
Edit: Forgotten dat white part of his shoe :v Welp
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Drew some bnha kiddos 👾
Tfw you too lazy to properly colour them
And Im kinda liking how the hands look here LOL 🙃
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Meep _(: _||_)_
Kinda attempted bnha manga style cus I was bored
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Name: Ryuuzaki Aren [Last/First]
Hero Name: Null
Personality: Deep thinker, strategist, clear-headed, blunt, might be worrywart bout others at times, kind of dull, systematic, curious
Quirk: Type Transfer
-Needs some kind of contact to work
-Enables user to transfer elements like heat, cold, electricity, etc. from one object to another. E.g. User can take in heat (temperature) from the ground and transfer to a knife, turning it into a fire knife.
-Power of the type will differ from time to time depending on the temperature (Heat and Cold), amount of electricity, amount chosen to absorb, etc. -Able to change the field to other types such as electric, heat, etc. which could electricute, burn, etc. opponents. But a lot needs to be absorbed, temperature needs to be very high/low, etc.
-Able to contain one element within user for a period of time
-If the element is kept within the user for too long, side effects will start to occur. E.g. If ice is contained for too long, side effect is user would start to freeze up
-If too much absorbed, side effects would also occur
-If there's more than one element that can be transferred from the object, user is able to choose which one to absorb
-User can transfer elements into teammates turn or add another type to their quirks. E.g. Discharging electricity could turn into emitting flames [CHANGE] OR Normal powerful punches could turn into electrical powerful punches [ADDITION]
-Change has longer time limit/more amount of usage than Addition
-User can also transfer elements into opponents to cause them to have side effects like the user would
-Bloodlust when too excited/into fights, not easy to stop him
-Bloodlust mode will cause him to attack based off instincts
-If he is being very silent for a while, he’s most probably thinking hard
-Extremely reckless in bloodlust mode
-Eyes turn to a more red pink when bloodlust
-Might say random quotes or facts
Edit: He should be wearing white gloves for his hero outfit but I forgot :v Welp
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Floof switcharound meme with @whalesharkollie 🐇🐇
Thank you for doing this collab with me 👀💦
Trisca (Cirque) belongs to ollie
Hiroaki belongs to me
Spread da floof
Make instagram floof again (/uvu)/
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Dun really 100% liked how it turned out but meh
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