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@therealimmani bodied this

Bloated looks

You a bad girl and ya friend bad too @aggmh

I’ll have abs for sure by the summer

Who said Brownskin girls can’t pull of blonde?

Left or right?

Something different

Slayed by @slayedbysan

Source: @ak.tivefitness Just a few of our glute targeted workouts on a light day
Light days: light days are designed to induce metabolic stress and muscle damage to grow your muscle. They include high reps and lighter weights.
Despite these being glute focused workouts, many of our focused workouts also target other major muscle groups, like back, arms, legs and core.
Also included: HIIT to get your blood pumping before a workout +
Activation warm ups: designed get your mind to muscle connection going before the actual workout to guarantee maximum gains/muscle growth
Featured: @aggmh + @kurlykyy
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From a research paper I wrote awhile ago. It really did interest me in why Black males are so homophobic.. it’s deeper than the, “no homo” rhetoric or them “not being with that gay shit” it’s systematic oppression of yet another marginalized group.

Face so pretty, bitches wish they could slice me


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