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Looking west over Coal Harbour and Stanley Park. My favourite part of town :) #vancouver #water #sunset #mountains #ig #igers #instagood #instahub #iphonesia #instagram #iphoneonly #iphone4S #picoftheday #photooftheday

My mate George the Magpie. He kept me company every day when I was working at the quarry.
#bird #goldcoast #australia #ig #instagram #iphoneonly #iphone4S

Thousands of sun-bleached #sea #shells washed up on the #beach. This, along with coral is how most of the famous white #sand is formed on tropical and sub-tropical beaches.

Some interesting patterns in the #sand created by the strong #wind we've been having the past few weeks.

These Rainbow Lorikeets (or Lories as they're known locally) are a small species of Parrot common throughout much of Australasia and South-East Asia. They use their unusual brush-tipped tongues to feed mostly on nectar, pollen and small berries.

The Australian Water Dragon is a fairly common sight along the eastern coast of Australia, although they're usually quite shy. The ones at the wildlife sanctuary were very accustomed to people and this big male let me get very close. They are quite large with males growing up to a meter long. As their name suggests they can usually be found near creeks and ponds. They are very strong swimmers and can stay submerged for up to 90 minutes.

This is one of the many koalas housed at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Most are brought in by the public after being hit by cars. Although they are quite nimble in the tree tops, they move slowly along the ground and have poor eyesight which unfortunately results in many accidents. Like all marsupials, the females have a pouch for their young, though like it's closest relative, the wombat, the koala's faces backwards. This is to stop the baby koala getting knocked in the head while the mother is climbing.

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