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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien  Official Site. Our world famous collections show objects from 5000 years. Share your photos of the Museum using the hashtag #kunsthistorischesmuseum


It’s #FlemishFriday and we have something special for you! When we visited beautiful Antwerp lately together with @visitflanders, we captured this copy of Rubens’ ‘The Assumption of Mary’ in Saint Charles Borromeo’s Church. Initially the painting, that is now part of the collection of Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, was painted by Peter Paul Rubens for this place. The baroque architecture emphasizes on natural light from above to illuminate the heavenly scene. And the sculptural programme interplays in an overwhelming way: God already reaches towards Mary with his arm… ✨ #rubens2017 #kunsthistorischesmuseum #vienna #antwerp #flemishmastersontour #visitflanders

These days the cows are brought back down from their seasonal mountain pastures. 🐄 Pieter Bruegel the Elder painted six seasonal paintings, three of which are part of the collection of Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna. For the depiction of autumn, he chose a rather unusual scene: the homecoming of the herd. Maybe he was inspired by his journey through Switzerland. But the artist also emphasizes the landscape with its typical autumnal colours. See our stories for some close-ups and have a good start into autumn tomorrow! 🍁🍂 And a little preannouncement: next year we will show the world’s first ever major monograph exhibition featuring Pieter Bruegel the Elder – from October 2nd 2018 to January 13th 2019. 🤗 #bruegel2018 #kunsthistorischesmuseum #vienna #helloautumn #autumn #arthistory

On view now: ‘Herbert Albrecht - Stone and Bronze’ ✨ We are celebrating the ninetieth birthday of Herbert Albrecht! In his work the stone sculptor from Vorarlberg, who studied together with Fritz Wotruba, has focused on the human body for over sixty years. The exhibition in the Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities of Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna juxtaposes his works with ancient Greek and Roman sculpture that was fundamental to shaping the human image in Western art. It is done in close collaboration with the #vorarlbergmuseum in Bregenz. Herbert Albrecht, Head, 1964, Bronze in the Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities of Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna. Photo: Gabriel Rüf #kunsthistorischesmuseum #vienna #herbertalbrecht

On this very very grey day here in Vienna there is a colourful and shiny evening awaiting you tonight: #Kunstschatzi 😊 The ‘hot and spicy’ tours will lead you through the Picture Gallery, but also through the Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities and the Egyptian and Near Eastern Collection. Enjoy the tours, drinks, music - the #artsynight at the museum and don’t forget to share your impressions with the hashtag #kunstschatzi#kunsthistorischesmuseum #vienna #nightsatthemuseum

Most of you know the cupola of Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna. But there is another wonderful cupola, you might not have seen yet. It is this one at #neueburg. ✨ And it was captured recently during @open_house_wien by @_archipat_ 😊 Thanks for sharing! In Vienna it is grey and rainy today. ☔️ But thanks to places like this there is a lot to discover also indoors. What are your plans for today? Have a wonderful #sunday! #kunsthistorischesmuseum #vienna #wienamsonntag #weloveourvisitors

After the summer break it is finally time for #Kunstschatzi again! On Tuesday, September 19th, 7p.m. ✨ This time the ‘hot’ tours will lead us through the Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities and the Egyptian and Near Eastern Collection, and of course through the Picture Gallery. We are so looking forward! Don’t forget to share your impressions with the hashtag #kunstschatzi 😊 Dancing Maenad, Roman Relief, 2nd half of 2nd century AD, Marble (detail) #kunsthistorischesmuseum #vienna #nightsatthemuseum #ancientrome

It’s #FlemishFriday again, and as promised we are sharing more about the life of #PeterPaulRubens 🎨 This is a view into the inside of Rubenshouse (Rubenshuis) in Antwerp. It shows Rubens’ atelier. The artist spent his last decade in his childhood hometown Antwerp. He himself designed the Italian style villa, which can now be visited. Filled with both art and artefacts, the Rubenshuis gives a thorough picture of Rubens’ impressive life. Have you already been there?
Photo: © Bart Huysmans
@visitflanders #visitflanders #flemishmastersontour #Rubens2017 #kunsthistorischesmuseum #vienna #museum #finearts #rubens #rubenshuis #rubenshouse

How to lift the ‘Feast of the Bean King’? This masterpiece by Jacob Jordaens and its frame weigh 150kg! To see how it was taken off its latest position and put into its new place, have a look at our Instagram Stories now… #behindthescenes #kunsthistorischesmuseum #vienna

This very special view into Neue Burg was shared with us by @mistressofknips – thanks a lot! It was taken last weekend during @open_house_wien ✨ We found a lot of wonderful pictures browsing through the hashtag #neueburg – watch out for some more features… #kunsthistorischesmuseum #vienna #weloveourvisitors #igersvienna #igersaustria

Have you already heard of our new project here on Instagram? We learned that many of you would like to read about the personal view on artworks by visitors. So, we invite you to share your very personal view on masterpieces of our collection! Join us for ‘Gemma Museum’ – our special event on September 24th and post your pics and text with hashtag #gemmamuseum. 👉If you want to join, send us a message here on Instagram, as for the first 10 we will enable free entrance on September 24th.! And all abroad we invite to stroll through our online gallery. We hope you like this idea as much as we do and are looking forward to your contributions! Click the link in our profile for all details on ‘Gemma Museum’. 😊 #kunsthistorischesmuseum #vienna

Announcing a special upcoming exhibition! 🙌 For over thirty years young artists, studying to become photographers at the Graphische (Höhere Graphische Bunde-Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt), have used the paintings in the Picture Gallery as inspirations for their own works. Now eleven contemporary positions by young photographers will be on show in the Bassano Hall at Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna. ‘Reflections’ will be on view from September 20th 2017 until February 25th 2018. ✨ CAMPUS DER MODERNE (Detail), © Nilo Klotz @nilo_klotz #kunsthistorischesmuseum #vienna

Today and tomorrow The Neue Burg will be part of @open_house_wien 🤗 ‘OPEN HOUSE VIENNA– Architecture for all’ is a non-profit association that aims to making architecture accessible for all, regardless of age, origin, education, or income. Visitors can feel first-hand how architecture can contribute to an improved quality of life. We are happy to be part of this and are looking forward to welcoming you! Click the link in our profile for all details. And if you happen to take part and want to share your photos use the hashtag #neueburg – we’ll be happy to feature! ✨ #kunsthistorischesmuseum #vienna #openhousewien #weloveourvisitors
Photo: Dieter Henkel

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