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Henry Bowers (Nils Jansson)  Rapper, battle rapper and spoken word poet from Uppsala, Sweden. The new album and lots of other stuff can be ordered here (we ship worldwide):


Just finished this Samus Aran shirt yesterday and I've got to say I'm pretty pleased with it! It took me about three days, cutting all of the stencils and painting. Swipe to see the baffling behind-the-scenes-making-of. See you next mission!
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"Coolin' in my crib, cold video dubbin'..." that's some true gangstuh shiet 📼🔫 #icet #peeltheircapsback #theiceberg #originalgangster #vhs #vcr #finlux

The 7-inch vinyls with the @hofmastarn roots remix of my track The Vigil (feat. @amsiebrownie) have finally arrived and we will start shipping them out tomorrow to those who pre-ordered. There's a link in my bio to where you can order it, as well as the latest album A Delicate Craft and a bunch of older releases. Hurry up an buy! #henrybowers #adelicatecraft #thevigil #svenskhiphop #swedishhiphop #svenskreggae #swedishreggae #hiphopvinyl

@tesseriks äntligen hemma!

And now on to the third in the series, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the SNES 🎮 #bowersgotgame #zelda #alinktothepast #thelegendofzeldaalinktothepast #nintendo #snes #retron5 #retrogaming #retrogaminglife

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link put up one hell of a fight, but me and Mattias finally managed to get the better of it. Definitely a great game but not quite as good as the first one, mostly due to the difficulty level of the combat. I remembered it being hard but not quite this brutal and unforgiving. It's actually to the point where it takes away a bit from the joy of playing. It's a lot less focus on figuring out puzzles and labyrinths than it's predecessor. Still it has its own unique charm and is absolutely worth a playthrough, if you're up for a challange 🎮 #bowersgotgame #zeldaiitheadventureoflink #zeldaii #zelda2 #zelda #nintendo #nes #retron5 #retrogaming

Hallå där kära vänner. Finns det nån i Uppsalatrakten som har ett tält att låna ut nu i slutet av månaden. Hade varit superbussigt!

Pre-order the limited edition 7" vinyl of the @hofmastarn roots remix of my track The Vigil (feat. @amsiebrownie). There's a link to my store in my bio, and there you can also find a bunch of older releases as well as the latest album A Delicate Craft. We ship worldwide!
While waiting for the vinyl to arrive you can listen to the remix on Spotify #henrybowers #adelicatecraft #thevigil #svenskhiphop #swedishhiphop #svenskreggae #swedishreggae #hiphopvinyl #hiphoponvinyl

On September 15 Nintendo will release the official remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus, under the new name Metroid: Samus Returns. It will be released on the 3DS while the original was on the Gameboy. Fun fact: the team that developed Metroid 2 also later developed the Gameboy Color and they built in a specific customized color scheme just for Metroid 2 in the machine so it gets a fairly decent look when played on the GBC compared to other original Gameboy games.
A while ago I played through the absolutely brilliant fan made remake of the game, called Another Metroid 2 Remake (or AM2R for short) and I loved it. I have started playing the original Gameboy game a couple of times over the years, Metroid being my favorite game franchise and all, but I've never played it all the way through, until today that is. Just finished it a couple of hours ago. I played it on my Retron5 (which has the GBC color scheme built in as well) using an NES controller, and here are my thoughts on it.
The game has quite a clunky feel due to the oversized sprites and the low resolution. It's still a fun experience and has actually got a bit of the Metroid vibe and feel that you find in the first Metroid and in Super Metroid but I would say it suffers quite a lot from being on such limited hardware. The level design is a bit more linear than in the other two games mentioned and it makes it a bit less "Metroid" in my book.
The save function is a great upgrade from the NES game (though the Famicom Disk System version had a save function) and it's convenient to be able to shoot downwards. But despite this I still don't agree with those who claim it's a huge improvement from the NES game. I still think the mood, level design and the feel of the gameplay is far better in the first game.
Towards the end of Metroid 2 Samus travels through large areas that are completely empty and without any enemies. That felt odd and I didn't really see the point of it. Anyhow, I'm glad I've finally played through it and I'm excited to see what the new remake will look like 🎮 #bowersgotgame #metroid2returnofsamus #metroid2 #metroid #samusaran #nintendo #gameboy #gameboycolor #gbc #retron5 #retrogaming

Saknar min @tesseriks 🔥💥💛 ses snart!

Taking on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link with Mattias. Death Mountain is brutal but we made our way through 🎮 #bowersgotgame #zeldaiitheadventureoflink #nintendo #nes #retron5 #retrogaming #retrogaminglife

My weapon of choice for the evening 🎮 #bowersgotgame #nintendo #nes #retrogaming #gaming

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