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Henry Bowers (Nils Jansson)  Rapper, battle rapper and spoken word poet from Uppsala, Sweden. Check out the new music video for Damages here:


A night at the theater with my lovely @tesseriks 🎩🖤

Imorgon (tisdag 12/12) kl 19 kör vi årets final av Uppsala Poetry Slam på Reginateatern. Alla som vunnit under året möts och kämpar för att avgöra vilka fyra som får åka och tävla i nästa års SM i Poetry Slam, samt vem som blir årets Uppsalachamp. Och gästpoet för aftonen är ingen mindre än regerande svensk, samt nu även europeisk mästare i Poetry Slam, den fantastiska Frej Haar (@sotpotatis). Vi ses där! #uppsalapoetryslam #sweslam

Till dom som undrat var Martin Timell hållit hus sen han fick sparken från TV4 kan jag upplysa om att han är i the Turbine Tower i Mor Ardain 🎮 #bowersgotgame #xenobladechronicles2 #nintendoswitch

True dat! I'm open for business between 11:30 and 12 o'clock on odd Wednesdays if it's not raining. The rest of the the time I'm busy playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Switch 🎮 #bowersgotgame #xenobladechronicles2 #nintendoswitch

I just bought Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the Nintendo Switch. It's been quite some time since I've played a proper JRPG so I figured I'd give it a shot 🎮 #bowersgotgame #xenobladechronicles2 #nintendoswitch

Last night Mattias and I finished our playthrough of Metroid Zero Mission, the Gameboy Advance remake of the first Metroid game. We played it on the Retron5 using a n SNES controller. The game has roughly the same layout as the original but with some added bosses and game mechanics and an in-game map (one of the things the original gets a lot of criticism for lacking) as well as a bonus portion at the end with a brand new area that you first need to stealth your way through and then finally unlock the most powerful abilities in the game and basically blast your way back out again.
One thing about this remake that I don't like that much is the waypoints that you get on your map from time to time telling you where to go but other than that I think it's a damn good game. A little short perhaps if you compare it to Fusion which was also on the GBA. However, despite all of the graphical and game mechanical improvements I still can't help liking the original a little bit more. Sure it was rough and unpolished and some practical functions hadn't found their way into the franchise yet, but the creepy feeling of solitude and being lost in a strange dark world trying to find your way through this hostile maze, that I got when playing the original Metroid for the NES really left a lasting impression. That being said, Zero Mission is still an awesome experience and should perhaps be viewed on its own rather than being compared to the original.
We are now done with our playthroughs of the old school 2D Metroid games and we're thinking of taking the leap into the third dimension and taking on the Metroid Prime Trilogy next 🎮 #bowersgotgame #metroidzeromission #nintendo

Finally! I just finished 100%-ing Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch. I collected all of the power moons in all of the kingdoms, including the "bonus levels" Dark Side and Darker Side, completed all of the achievements, collected all of the purple coins and bought every item in the stores in each kingdom as well as in the universal store.
So what do I think of the game? I've got to be honest and start off by saying that I'm actually not that much of a Mario fan. Sure I played the shit out of the old NES games but they never really left the same kind of impression on me as games like Metroid or The Legend of Zelda. I've only played a few of the later 3D Mario games and the very child friendly goofy tone of them have never felt that interesting to me. In that regard, this game is no exception. All of the characters are goofy and cartoony and the plot is beyond corny. I guess it's sort of charming in its own way but it's not really my bag.
When I first started playing I thought the difficulty level was way too low and I didn't think the game would really challenge me at all, but as I progressed I realized that some of the power moons were actually quite hard to get and I felt more and more compelled to try to get them all. Towards the end the game got quite difficult and some of the areas really proved to be brutally challenging. One of the toughest areas were in the Dark Side where you have to replay the room with all of the Bullet Bills without using your cap (the cap is very essential to the gameplay, and is almost necessary to use to get past certain areas). There were several places like that, that really forced me to step my platforming game up, and the sense of joy and achievement when I finally grabbed those moons at the end was priceless each time. (Due to lack of writing space I conclude this review in the following comment) 🎮 #bowersgotgame #supermarioodyssey #nintendoswitch

Some dark side of the moon frustration on the train 🎮 #bowersgotgame #nintendoswitch #supermarioodyssey

A new music video is in the works and will be released in the near future. Until then you can check out the last one, Damages (link in bio) with beats by @kallekryp and scratch by @djlokut #henrybowers #damages #adelicatecraft #svenskhiphop

Efter en mycket fin söndag med barnkalas och sockeröverdos är vi nu kollapsade i hemmets trygga vrå. Precis som det ska va 🖤🎂🍪🍰🖤

På fyraårskalas hemma hos Zoey. Tusen tack @pregnantbackpacker för umgänget och sockerchocken 🎂

Last night Mattias and I finished our playthrough of Metroid Fusion for the Gameboy Advance. We played it on the Retron5 using an SNES controller. I've played through Fusion a couple of times before and one of my general perceptions of the game has been that its too linear for my taste. I still feel this to some extent but I've rolled back a bit on my critique in this regard, since the game actually opens up quite a bit after a while and becomes really exploration friendly and has a lot of clever puzzles and hidden secrets. I still feel that the game holds you by the hand a bit too much and constantly tells you what you're supposed to do. But apart from that, the game is an impressive little work of art. It manages to both have colorful and detailed graphics and at the same time being quite scary and dark storywise. It's not my absolute favorite of the Metroid games but that being said it is still an awesome experience and definitely one of the best games for the Gameboy Advance. Our next mission will be Metroid Zero Mission which will conclude our old school 2D Metroid sessions 🎮 #bowersgotgame #metroidfusion #metroid #nintendo #gameboyadvance

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