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Kung Food  Jon Kung. HBIC for Kung Food/Market Studio. Traveler. Detroiter. 香港人


"The Small Flame Bursts" by Megan O'Connell . Apologies to @saltandcedar for not correctly displaying this work in the previous post. I don't know what I was thinking. 😅

"Quid tum can either be the frenzied wail of despair, a polite cough to advance discussion, or the hustling, bustling, joyous impatience of the artist eager to get on to his next project. It is the digestion of contemplated knowledge into action—whether that action is hard work, writing, or the further contemplation of deep prayer." - Matthew Alderman. The prints of @saltandcedar are now available at the Studio for purchase.

Highlighting the savory qualities of plain yogurt is a great way to eat healthier. I've been more conscious of eating to promote a healthy gut biome and that means more probiotics and fiber in my diet. Kimchi and yogurt brown rice bowl with Fried Shallots and anchovies, Japanese pickled cucumber, and duck egg. #foodasmedicine

Compressed Cucumber in Sake, vinegar,
salt, and sugar.

It's What's For Dinner #cheflife

It's what's for dinner

Recipe Testing: Date Stuffed Quail cooked on the Cantonese style

If you want Standby level drinks and actually want to have a conversation with the people you came with, consider the @theskip. It is closed off and toasty warm.

I don't remember where this came from. But at least I've got something to hang...

Finally sort of a gallery

It ain't much of a stoop. But it's my stoop.

It's definitely not a fancy apron. It's barely even a nice apron. But it's a cross-back apron and I'm absolutely a convert. No more neck strain! #cheflife

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