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Kundalini clothing  When in alignment, the chakras work together to create the song of life, just as we can work together to make the symphony of the human experience

Anahata leggings by the beautiful @mrs_khaleesi_gaither

Ahimsa means non-violence to all sentient being

Check out this gorgeous forward fold from @mikaila_nyc in our #YamasinYourLife challenge
Also be sure to check out her book, it is very inspirational, link in her bio

Unity leggings

Round 2
Jan 14-20


Come join us January 10-14 in #YamasinYourLife, a challenge where we will explore the five Yamas described in the Yoga Sutras of Patañjali paired with yoga poses along with insights on the wisdom of the sutras and our modern take on how we can implement his teachings in our modern life. "Undifferentiated by birth, place, time, or convention, concerning all conditions -- [the Yamas] are the great vow (Mahavrata)." (Yoga Sutras, 2.31)

Patañjali refers to the five Yamas, the ethical guidelines and first step for practice mentioned in his Ashtanga Yoga system, as the great vow to be practiced by all, regardless of any external circumstances. During this challenge, we'll take a closer look at each Yama separately to ponder on their importance and hopefully make sense on them, and find little ways in which we can introduce them into our everyday life to make our yoga practice more meaningful.

This challenge is for everyone, whether you are already familiar with the Yamas or a completely newbie -- let's explore them together 📜How to play:
1) Repost this flyer and tag a few friends who might want to join!
2) Follow all hosts and sponsors. 
3) Take a pic/video of the daily practice/pose and post it using the challenge hashtag. Don't forget to tag all hosts and sponsors in every post!
4) Be sure your account is set to public so we can see your posts in the gallery.
5) Check in with your fellow participants, make new friends, and have fun! 💖Hosts: 
@mintyogini 🎁Sponsors:
@kundalini_clothing ✔️ Daily lineup:
1 Ahimsa — A cooling pose
2 Satya — Heart opener
3 Asteya — A pose with bound arms/prayer hands
4 Brahmacharya — Traditional meditative seated pose 
5 Aparigraha — Any pose with an item we plan to let go of.

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So glad you love your throat chakra socks @heatherlee_yoga_

😍😍😍 at @lucyhibben where here unity leggings

Love seeing @jloyoga sport her kundalini clothing ❤

Thanks for modeling our heart chakra socks @j_e_s_s__b !
Glad you love them 😍

Doesnt @temyoga look beautiful in here muladhara leggings?


Cant tell toy how honored we are to be a part of this awesome yogis practice.
Keep up the good work @sarahjoalmo

We just love when we see @lucyhibben rocking her unity leggings, such a cool yogi to follow

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