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What a summer...On the way home now:) Finally had some time to see the world. So incredibly fortunate to spend time in Scotland, England, Spain, Italy. And everywhere I went I was showered with love. I can't tell you how much kindness there is in the world. Everyone is saying "the world is falling apart" "the world is scary" but every place I went I saw and felt the contrary. For every smile, every kind word, every friendly stranger on the street- thank you. I thought I had an idea about this world, but the truth is, I know nothing. I don't anything about one thing. And in my idea of how people are or my idea of how they "should" be- I've lost so much touch with reality. People are wonderful, beautiful, giving and loving, and if we all take a break from our pre conceived notions, a break from our social media, and look up at the world- it's not scary- not scary at all. I'm going to spend all of my time spreading love and kindness, because that cannot be denied to anyone. It is inherent within us- if we get out of the way. I love you more than you know... I wish there was more of me to give- because then I would be boundless...

It's haircut friyayyyyy! Time to say goodbye to the fro!

Next stop. Barcelonaaaaaaaaaaaa. Where should I eat/drink/dance/gamble/notsleep? #spain

Linen. Hat. Aviators. Selfie. #wheninrome

Obligatory scotch by the North Sea. #scotland #noovernightparking

I mean. Real men wear beanies. Never leaving St. Andrews. Buying a pub here, and drowning my life in a local ale... #scotland #love

The wind in St. Andrews. Just. Too much to handle:( like the booze in my belly when I hit the pubs tonight. #fore

Welp... hmmm. Guess I picked the wrong week to golf in Scotland:( #fore

Dear friends, please help these to angels find a home before it's too late... love. "Janice and Hendrix, which were ironically their given rockstar names, have been in an animal shelter for over a year. They were discarded together by their family who had them since they were puppies. As they are bonded senior pitbulls, we needed a miracle as it is most difficult to even place one, yet try to keep two together. @schecterguitarsofficial has given this pair national exposure in their Apocalypse guitar ad. Their goal is to help them find their forever family. Let's share this post and contact @takemehomerescue if you are interested in adopting, or making a donation. "

Good morning from London home. #bedhead

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