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Kunal Nayyar 

Remember if you’re feeling “stuck” or “blue” or don’t feel like doing anything, it’s okay. We have become so used to instant gratification that we have forgotten what it feels like to have patience, or to trust the process. As hard as you try you can’t take anything from the Universe. So today, just let things be as they are, loosen the grip you have on yourself, and remember that through all of this, there is still a part of you that is 100% love, and a 100% light, and ultimately, that is who you are. You are perfect just as you are today, because that is where you are meant to be:) #bliss

@kalpenn When I was just a kid in college grinding away long hours training in the theater program you gave me hope that looking like me, I could make it here. Last night I was humbled to share the stage with you, and today I am honored to call you a friend. Thank you for being you, so I could be me. #brotherfromanothermother

You are love. It is not something you become. You are already that. You are already home. Within you is a place that has no color, no name, no agenda, no ego... within you is a place that is just love. For this new year my wish and my prayer is that we shorten the gap between who we “think” we are and our true inner selves, and realize the very thing that we are all searching for is already here, It is love, and you, are that. Happy New Year. I love you. #love #kindness #consciousness #bliss #2019

Back in Sunny LA! But it’s 3:45am and I’m jet lagged as fffffffffffffck. Help me...

I mean... #toocute

Oh Delhi... LA may have my body, but you have my heart... #homefortheholidays

A little Monday motivation: if you look deep enough you’ll realize all the wars you feel against the world, are really against yourself. Give yourself a break, forgive yourself, take a breath, and then put your attention on being kind to yourself, even if it is for one day;) love you. #bliss

The view from my morning meditation today. It was so beautiful I wanted to share- May it help bring you peace and truth in whatever it is that you’re searching for... #love

You know when you’re having a bad day, and someone unexpectedly pays you a compliment, and in one second everything is wonderful again? Be that person for somebody today... #love

It’s as if the heavens opened up and said, whatever you’re going through, there is something more majestic at play here... let it all be... and just listen to me. #bliss

Today I hope you’re thankful for YOUR strength for YOUR courage for YOUR individuality for YOUR beauty for YOUR expression for everything that makes YOU be YOU. Let’s stop expecting everyone else to give us our happiness. YOU are already perfect, and today my prayer is that you recognize it. Happy Thanksgiving. #love #consciousness

When in Ireland... #rugby #win

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