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Kunal Nayyar 

12 years, with my brother from another. I swear he loves me, I think. #werkwerkwerk #simonhelberg #tbbtlastseason

My mug is prettier than yours. Oh my god, I’m becoming Raj in real life. #artimitateslife

It’s Friday:) wherever you are — let’s see that big smile! #love

Stay vigilant and safe. Please adhere to all evacuation notices and instructions from emergency authorities. Sending thoughts, and love. https://www.fema.gov #hurricaneflorence

Love is all you need. Spread it. #guesswhatimdoing

What’s up dog? It’s a day after 9/11. A reminder that tragedy can strike us at any moment, life can come at us fast. So all the people that you’ve been wanting to tell that you love them- do it today. All the bickering that you’ve held for so long, let go off. Don’t put it off- make up with your friend, apologize if you’ve hurt someone- and most of all forgive yourself. Today we let go together:) #love #bobafett

Monday. #mood

#377 WHAT BEAUTIFUL NEWS TO WAKE UP TO:) India decriminalizes Gay Sex:) a win for equality- and the end to this absolute nonsensical rule.
A five-judge Constitution bench of the Supreme Court unanimously struck down a part of the 158-year-old law under Section 377 of the IPC, which criminalised consensual unnatural sex. #love #freedom #sex

Raaaaaj is off to Vegas tomorrow! Oh, and so is Kunal. Let’s talk in 48 hours;) #offthegrid

All in life is love. Make it the most important part of your day, to brighten up someone else’s life with showering them with love... and don’t forget most of all- to love the one that is looking out at the world from behind the lens of your eyes... yourself. #love

Today I’m putting aside my attachment to my ego- and seeing everything just as it is. We bring our own conditioning to every situation, but do we have the strength to put it aside for one day and just observe life as it is. This is the first step to freedom. #love

Trust your instincts. All the answers from life are within you. For one day drop all expectations from everything outside of you, and control the only thing that you can control, yourself. Live today, just one full day, from your true gut... Love you. #tuesday #consciousness

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