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Vimz Mendoza  Sun Life Advisor, blogger, media and communications consultant, copywriter, wife and mother


Learned something new and shared something I know today. It feels good. No, it feels great! Thanks @gempagsibigan. 💚☀️
*photo credit to owner

Truly happy to see you again Sarah and super excited with the prospect of collaborating with you again. Todo na itooo! 💚☀️@__queserasarah

Korean dessert + adulting session = awesome!
Great seeing you Eka! I am glad that you have taken the first step to financial wellness. Promise that I will be with you in your journey to #livebrighter 💚☀️

Apart from the financial rewards, this is what makes my heart full being a SunLife financial advisor. #livebrighter #lifeisbrighterunderthesun🔆 #servicetoothers

Giddy that I finally have it! Thank you heaps for this special, limited edition token, COKE STUDIO and KPPREMS! 😘💚

The new Hana Shampoo fragrances - (1) Pink Roses and Berries, (2) Garden Blooms and Lychees and (3)Spring Flowers and Apples. #hanashampoo

Marianne Rivera presents to the media the new Hana Shampoo fragrances - (1) Pink Roses and Berries, (2) Garden Blooms and Lychees and (3)Spring Flowers and Apples. All comes in new packaging. #hanashampoo

Here now at the #hanashampoo media event

May nag-enjoy! 😘☺️😍💚 📷: Teacher @trisha.chang

Going to Vietnam, my objective was clear - take in as much as I can so that at the end, my blogger friends and the running community will get a view of what happened to these 9 Pinoy Elite runners who represented Team 7-Eleven Philippines in the Da Nang Intl Marathon.
I actually went home with more than a story to tell. My mind was full with all the experiences that unfolded before my eyes but my heart was fuller!
Not only did I have interesting anecdotes about how our runners almost took home all the top honors, I also got a glimpse of who they are, what they do in "real life", their thoughts and some of their dreams. How one was a proud teacher who never had any sip of liquor in his entire life ("Hindi po ba sumakit ulo nyo sa ininom nyo po?"), how one is a mayordomo of the house owned by their club's president ("Boss ako sa bahay!"), and of another who got into running because at that time her horoscope told her that she'll win if she joined a running race ("Maski lalaki tinatalo ko Maam!"), I gained not just acquiantances but friends. Friends that I may not see often after this but I sure will share a special bond that was "made in Vietnam". Mami-miss ko din kayo (kala nyo kayo lang? Hehe!). Ah yes, my mind and heart is both full. Thanks largely to the people who were proponents of this project. A small prayer always pops in my mind every waking day in Vietnam and I get to be with them "May your tribe increase". They did not just take care of 9 amazing souls, they took care of all of us. Their big heart is gold.

Thank you very much 7-Eleven Philippines esp to Mr Jun Ang and Ms Michelle Saludes. It was truly a joy and honor that I was given this opportunity to have both experienced and seen Da Nang in a new light! May your tribe increase! 💚 #711ph #711phgoestodanang *More on this on the blog soon!

At napa-exercise ako sa umaga dahil kay Jho-Ann Banayag-Villarma! #ElitewithKulit

Good morning Danang! 💚

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