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Heather Haynes, MA  Holistic nutritionist. I ❤️ holistic health • plant medicine • green living • real food. heather@kulamama.com ➡️ kulamama.com Try Soul Power:


Not always the easiest to drink, but full of medicinal properties you can’t get anywhere else: celery juice. It’s a multipurpose cure all. Fights viruses, balances electrolytes, heals the digestive tract and rebuilds stomach acid. There’s almost no condition it won’t help. @medicalmedium says drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for the most benefits and I️ can say from experience it will change your health! ✨🌿💕

I had a heart felt conversation with an old friend from graduate school who is in the dark days of healing from Epstein-Barr and other co-factors. She’s in a place I remember very well, a place where there isn’t a lot of hope that it will ever get better. I ate so many pomegranates during that time 3 years ago. I couldn’t explain why I was craving them so much. In hindsight pomegranates are an excellent example of healing from any chronic illness—it takes time, patience and healing can get really messy in the thick of it. But one thing I hope she felt during our conversation is the knowledge that it WILL get better. Healing is available to all of us and our bodies are fighting for us every day. It can take longer than we want it to, but it will happen if we give the body what it needs to heal✨ 💕

I had such a fun time sharing my healing journey with @muneeza_medical_intuitive today on her IG live feed. We talked about how I got better and how important regular detoxification is to staying healthy in our modern world! Thanks for the fun talk, Muneeza, it was so great to connect! 🎉✨🎉 Check out her IG feed to see the live video for the next 24 hours.

I’m pretty lucky to have a friend I call my soul sister and even luckier that she developed an amazing nutrient boost for women. It’s a blend of collagen peptides (great for full hair and strong nails) + blackstrap molasses (great source of trace minerals and B vitamins) + coconut milk (essential fatty acids and lots of healing properties). 3 simple, organic ingredients to boost your health and it tastes so yummy. It is my FAVORITE super food coffee creamer. Link in profile to get some yourself! Thank you @enlighteningsouls for bringing Soul Power to the world!

This spoke to me BIG time today. The world needs our light. If anyone knows who I can credit this quote to please let me know! @vanessagobes maybe it’s you, my light-filled friend? Xoxo

At the end of her #wheatgrass morning shot. My son won't join us, but this soon-to-be 6 year old wants to be like her mama. Wheatgrass is something I've added into my morning routine the last month and the increase in my energy is noticeable. I'll take any extra energy boost from nature 🎉🌿#naturalremedy #plants #plantenergy #holistichealth #holisticnutrition #holistichealing #holisticliving #holistickids #kulamama #plantmedicine

My ebook: Natural Remedies for Children is on sale for the next two weeks in honor of back-to-school. I'm so proud of this ebook-it is a wonderful companion for any parent when you find yourself with a sick kiddo at home. It's easy to reference and gives you natural remedies for the common childhood ailments our little ones face each school year. Use offer code: fall2 for $2 off! Link in profile. #herbalmedicine #naturalremedies #naturalremediesforchildren #holistichealth #holisticnutrition #holistichealing #plantmedicine #herbsforkids #naturalhealing #kulamama

Keeping myself busy today while my heart is heavy. These alcohol-free tinctures will be brewing for the next few weeks in my kitchen. Lemon balm for immune function and to calm nerves. Elderberry for immune function. And a detox blend to help clear pesticides from the body. Can't wait to try them next month. #glycerintincture #herbalmedicine #plantmedicine #tinctures #holistichealth #kulamama #detox #immunebooster #immuneboostingherbs #herbs

We are meeting great doctors and healers this year. For those in Ojai or LA-Dr. Tudor Marinescu, MD is pretty amazing. He's a holistic family medicine physician with so many trainings in all types of healing. My daughter is trying osteopathic manual therapy for her eyesight, but as soon as we spent 10 minutes together I knew we'd be treating more than the eyes. So much of our birth experience impacts our health over a lifetime. I wish I had seen him while I was pregnant with my babies! Insightful afternoon for sure and my little one can't wait for her next appointment.

We love you Idaho. ❤️☀️

I've had chronic neck tension my whole life. Last weekend it flared big time and started causing all sorts of symptoms in the face, neck and head. I showed up to a girl's weekend with @enlighteningsouls all out of sorts and emotional about it. Being the true healer that she is she got me into the treatment room and did some acupuncture magic. She also did energy healing and we talked about what the neck tension represented in my life. One session is usually not enough to turn things fully around for me but in this case it was. By the time I returned home on Sunday my neck was so much better and by Monday all the crazy symptoms had stopped completely. If you are near Cardiff by the Sea or Encinitas, CA go see @peytontheodore at Cardiff Acupuncture. Her acupuncture and energy work together make miracles happen! ✨💕

41 is looking pretty good if today is any indication of the year ahead. Thank you @crystalmisuraca ❤️ YOU.

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