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Kula Cakes™ Kuantan  Welcome to Kula Cakes. Opens 1pm-8.30pm Tuesday-Thursday, 1pm-9.30pm Friday & Saturday, 11am-6.20pm Sunday. ☎ 0179711396. Closed every Monday

Special of the day , Blueberry Mascarpone Cake available now ! Grab yours now ❤
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Hello lovely customer . Our new addition of pavlova , Oreo Pavlova is available at store so come over to before its runs out .

Hai guys ! Dulce de leche Medovik @bakedbymoi has touch down in our store now . Come over to taste honey russian cake with hits of caramel

We are hiring ! If you are interested please email us at careers.kulacakes@gmail.com
or give a a call at 0105144540

Hello dear customer . Friendly reminder to drinks plain water as the scotching sun outside . Stay hydrated and come to our store enjoy our Cadbury Cheesecake . Its available in slices and wholecake .

This really breaks our heart. Our heart goes out to all the victims and their families. May Allah grant you Jannah. Innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun. To our family, friends and everyone in New Zealand we pray that you are safe and protected. #prayforchristchurch

Head over to our store to crave this Carrot Cake . Carrot cake mix with raisins and hits of cinammon plus layered with cream cheese just wont make you forget this beauty .

Hello our lovely customers! Special today we got Biscoff Cheese cake at our store . Cheese cake combined with lotus biscuit just create another level of unique -ness . Come over now before its to late !

Hay guys ! Your fav creampuff are available now at our store . Vanila pastry cream as a filling just melt in your mouth when you crave it . Head over to our store now before its run out !

Thanks for coming @liyanajasmay !

An unbelievable, absolutely heavenly cake . This beauty consist of chocholate cake and layered with oreo buttercream. Plus, crushed oreo on top will just make you fall in love with Chocholate oreo cake so head over to our store now !

Look who came to our store ! Thanks for coming @khairulaming .

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